Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun: Episode 8 – “The Prince (Girl) of the School’s Problems”

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is about a girl named Chiyo Sakura who has a crush on Umetaro Nozaki. When she tries confessing her feelings to him, she doesn’t manage to get it out right. But by saying what she said, she comes to learn that Nozaki is the author of a shojo manga that she’s read in a shojo manga magazine; he writes under the pen name, Sakiko Yumeno. Sakura becomes Nozaki’s assistant.

Episode Eight has a strong emphasis on Yu and Hori and how they keep ending up misunderstanding each other. It all starts with learning that Hori keeps a copy of Nozaki’s manga in his bag to use as a reference. One day, Hori gets mad at Yu and throws his bag at her. The manga falls out, and Yu sees it. After learning that Mikoshiba also owns a copy, Yu starts getting the wrong idea about it. It was amusing to see Yu believe that the manga is serving as some kind of guide for guys. Of course, the humor level is kicked up a notch when Yu asks Nozaki about the manga, since she’s unaware that he’s the one who writes it.

During a read through for the upcoming play, Yu ends up getting the mistaken belief that Hori wants to play the part of the princess. This starts a gag of Yu leaving various articles of women’s clothing and accessories in his locker until he accumulates a well-coordinated outfit. Too bad we never got to see him wear it, because that probably would have been rather hysterical.

Interwoven with this during the second half of the episode is Nozaki working at trying to draw backgrounds. He’s not very good at it, so that’s why he asked Hori to start helping him with it. As part of his practicing, Nozaki keeps drawing boxes for the characters to stand on in order to make the backgrounds work. This becomes a running gag that climaxes with a half-asleep Hori losing it when he sees Yu standing on a box. And this ends up leading into a rather amusing conclusion for the episode that involves Yu, Hori, and a mask that looks like a bull’s head.

I thought that last week’s episode was a lot closer to the comedy that I’d been enjoying earlier in the series, but I have to say that this week’s episode was even closer. I think this is the most I’ve been chuckling at an episode of this series over the past two to three weeks.

It was also nice to see a focus placed back on Yu and Hori. Along with Nozaki, Sakura, and Mikoshiba, I’d have to say that Yu and Hori are among my favorite characters in the series. Most of the others I either don’t know well enough to have an opinion, or I’ve found that I don’t really like them much the more that I’ve gotten to know them.

There’s only four more episodes remaining for Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, and it’ll be interesting to see what will happen in the series during the time it has left.

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