Blue Spring Ride: Episode 8 – “Page.8”

In this episode, Makita manages to get both Futaba and Murao to go hang out at a doughnut shop. It’s here where Futaba finally works up the courage to admit to Makita that she also has feelings for Kou. Makita appears to take it well, but we see later when she’s in the bathroom that she’s sad. She tries to hide this from Futaba, but both she and Murao pick up on the fact that Makita’s eyes are red.

But something interesting happens here. After Murao sees this transpire, she finally opens up to Futaba about her feelings for Tanaka-sensei. And she also serves as a voice of reason for Makita and Futaba about their situation. It really was nice to finally see Murao open up to Futaba and Makita and start to become part of their inner circle. With this happening, she’ll truly become a part of the main action that’s taking place.

So now we have Futaba and Makita in a friendly competition for Kou. Kou seems to have feelings for Futaba that he isn’t acknowledging, but will this end up coming into play before the end of the series? If Kou does choose Futaba, will Makita take it as well as she claims she will?

Later, Futaba runs into Kou at the train station, where he’s playing with a cat that they’d seen there in an earlier episode. He’s concerned that the cat is losing weight, but he can’t bring himself to take it in, and that caring for things brings a lot of trouble. Shortly after, Futaba sees that Kou’s taking a train. She follows him, and discovers he’s going to a place where other teenagers hang out. An awkward situation takes place here, which leads into Futaba following Kou when he leaves.

I swear that I wanted to scream at Futaba to stop stalking Kou. Yes, she was concerned by his comment, but was following him the best thing to do, especially with how she knows he feels in regards to her? Yes, she needed to learn what she learns in this episode, but her following him around only makes it more obvious to Kou that she has feelings for him, not to mention creating such an awkward situation for him. It almost like she’s inadvertently putting pressure on him.

So there’s now four episodes remaining for Blue Spring Ride. Hopefully, the story will resolve satisfactorily within these last few episodes.

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