During Episode Seven, Rinka discovers that Ayumu has an esper ability as she attempts to spar with him and she keeps missing. She’s able to figure out that he has a precognitive ability, but that it only allows him to see a little bit into the future. So Rinka has to spend time training some more and trying to come up with a way to overcome his ability when she fights him.

Was it just me, or was Ayumu on the annoying side at the beginning of the episode? I know he’s a middle school student, but he had a rather poor attitude when it comes to women. But after seeing his mother later in the episode, his attitude is at least somewhat understandable. His mother is a politician who hates espers and believes they need to be captured and researched. His mother comes across as being distant from Ayumu and focused more on her career, so it’s really no wonder he feels the way he does. On top of that, he’s having to hide the fact that he’s an esper from her, so I’m sure that only compounds his issues.

Murasaki also discovers that her esper power doesn’t activate unless she’s touching something. She experiments by using a weapon and discovers this gives her an interesting ability. We get to see this ability in action a couple of times. Unfortunately for Murasaki, it’s got some unintended side effects, so it doesn’t appear to be something she can use a lot.

The episode climaxes when an esper attacks a rally that Ayumu’s mother is holding as part of her campaign. It’s up to Ayumu and Murasaki to try to save the day.

This episode only gives us a brief glimpse at what’s going on with Kyotaro. However, this brief glimpse does provide a flashback with a little more background information for Kyotaro and Minami. Hopefully we’ll be able to see more of Kyotaro in the remaining episodes of the series.

At this point, it appears that we’ve finally assembled all of the major players of the series. Because of this, I’m really hoping to finally return to what was taking place back in Episode One. I’m beginning to wonder if what we saw in Episode One is going to end up being the final battle between the two groups of espers and that we’ll be able to see how it all ends before the series concludes.

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