Terror in Resonance: Episode 7 – “Deuce”

Terror in Resonance focuses on two teenagers who are also terrorists known as Sphinx: Arata Kokonoe (who is also known by the name Nine) and Toji Hisami (who is also known by the name Twelve). We first see them stealing plutonium from a nuclear fuel reprocessing facility in Aomori, Japan. The story then skips ahead in time six months, and the two of them attack a Tokyo government office. Lisa Mishima, a girl in Twelve’s class, ends up being at the wrong place at the wrong time and becomes an accomplice to their crime in order to save her life.

Episode Seven focuses on the game of chess that Five is playing against Nine at the airport. Shibazaki and his men arrive in the midst of this, and discover that the police are somehow involved in the plot.

With that going on, Twelve figures out the blind spots of the security cameras and tries to make it so Five loses track of him. Unfortunately, she takes the security camera footage they have of him and distributes it to airport security so they can find him.

As the episode continues, you can see just how much Five is manipulating the police. I thought it was rather sickening what lengths that Five went to. She seems to have no regard for the lives of others, since what she does in the climax has the potential to injure and kill a lot of people. Talk about an abuse of power! And it was even more sickening to realize that the police were going along with this in the name of being given orders to do so.

Lisa finally gets in on the action, although she’s hesitant to do so at first. But her actions help Nine accomplish something in order to try to trick Five. But Five finds security camera footage of Lisa and knows of her involvement. The climax of the episode sees Five using Lisa in order to try to corner Nine and Twelve.

I had to feel bad for Lisa. After she’d tried so hard to find a way to fit in and help Nine and Twelve, she ends up being kidnapped and used by Five and her cronies. I wonder if what happens in this episode may cause Lisa to rethink being around Nine and Twelve, or if she’s in so deep now that there’s no way for her to get out.

While I liked the fact that Shibazaki ended up being a major hero in this episode, he’s now become just as much of a target for Five as Nine and Twelve are. It’s also made clear at the end of the episode that even Lisa has now become one of her targets.

The one thing I don’t quite understand yet is why Five hates Nine and Twelve so much and is driven to get them like she is. All we’ve seen is a flashback of Nine and Five when they were younger and playing a game of chess. But for some reason, I don’t think that entirely explains what’s going on. Hopefully Five’s motivations will become clearer in the remaining episodes of the series.

I should also mention that I won’t have a write-up for Terror in Resonance next week, because Episode Eight is delayed a week due to the episode not airing in Japan. And since I’m currently a week behind, it means that I won’t have a simulcast stream to watch next week. The write-ups for Terror in Resonance on this blog will continue on September 12, 2014.

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