Blue Spring Ride: Episode 7 – “Page.7”

At the beginning of the episode, Futaba and Kou have an awkward moment together, which includes Kou inadvertently holding her hand and smelling her shampoo and asking about it. She tells Kou that he needs to make it clear if he’s joking. As a viewer, I could tell that Kou wasn’t joking about what he was doing, but he just couldn’t bring himself to admit that he wasn’t.

A lot of the episode focuses on Futaba struggling over whether or not she should tell Makita that she also has feelings for Kou. Futaba runs into a former classmate from middle school who had been her only friend until she mysteriously stopped talking to Futaba. It turns out the classmate had believed a rumor that Futaba liked the boy that the classmate had liked. While these two are able to get past that misunderstanding and make up, this only adds to Futaba’s confusion.

Unfortunately, Futaba is wracked with so much guilt that she starts acting differently around Makita. This, of course, worries Makita. I found myself feeling some sympathy for Futaba, since she’s between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, she doesn’t want to lie to Makita because Futaba sees her as a dear friend, but on the other, Futaba’s afraid that if she’s honest that Makita will hate her.

Things are only made worse when Futaba is trying to hide and be alone at school, and Kou happens to end up by her. Another awkward moment happens here, and once again, Kou denies that he feels anything for Futaba. Honestly, at that point, I nearly wanted to scream at Kou to be honest to himself and to Futaba. His refusal to acknowledge his feelings only hurts Futaba, especially since she’s in the midst of her emotional crisis.

Episode Seven was rather dramatic and had tension running throughout it. What made this episode worth it the most to me were the awkward moments between Futaba and Kou and a flashback of when Futaba was in middle school that explained what happened between her and her former classmate, Yumi.

The preview for Episode Eight looks very promising, and it looks like the tension may be upped a notch or two. I’m looking forward to seeing it in order to find out how Futaba moves forward in regards to Kou and Makita.

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