Re: Hamatora: Episode 7 – “Emergency Room 24 Hours”

Re: Hamatora is the second season of the Hamatora anime series. This season begins three months after the end of the first season, and the Hamatora detective agency is still taking on cases that come their way.

At the beginning of Episode Seven, it’s revealed that Murasaki is indeed alive, and he’s taken to a hospital that has connections with the Minimum Agency. He’s suffered blunt force trauma all over and has fissure fractures in both arms. Unfortunately, while he should be able to heal physically, his Minimum ability is as good as gone.

The remainder of the episode is set at the hospital. It was decided to treat a lot of this episode as a comedy, and I assume this was done to lighten the mood after how dark and heavy Episode Six had been. Unfortunately for much of the humor, the writers relied on the same gag four different times over the course of the episode. This gag consists of someone messing with the remote for Murasaki’s bed, causing him to fly out of it and smack against a wall, fall to the ground and appear to flatline, and ending with Birthday using his Minimum to shock him. I admit that this gag was a little funny the first time it happened, eyeroll inducing the second time, groan inducing the third time, and facepalm inducing the fourth time. I really got the sense that the writer fell in love with this gag and decided to overuse it during the episode.

Intercut with these scenes with the hospital bed gag were scenes of some of the Freemums talking to a doctor. Because of their various mutations, the doctor is taken aback. Apparently, these bits were supposed to be funny, but I honestly thought they were rather dumb. They really didn’t add anything to the story, and these scenes felt like they were here more for “time kill” than anything else.

There was another section that apparently was supposed to be amusing, when Birthday, Koneko, Honey, Three, Rei, Theo, and Hajime get lost trying to get out of the hospital and end up in an unused area of the hospital. It’s dark, and a narrator pops in a couple of times to backtrack a scene to point out the “supernatural” things that show up. After going through three of the gag scenes with Murakami’s bed remote and three gag scenes with the Freemums, this section came across as annoying and not humorous at all.

Overall, the only important parts of Episode Seven happened right at the very beginning and right at the very end. Everything else felt like a waste of time, which made this feel like a waste of an episode. Hopefully Episode Eight will be better than Episode Seven was.

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