Salty Dog makes a move by sending Hirosue (aka Pointer), the guy who had been Hana’s handler earlier in the series, to the Tenkaidou. At the same time, Ai comes to be a “governor for the day,” thanks to the efforts of the PR department and Tsutomu. Unfortunately, unknown to them, Ai has ulterior motives of her own.

So, here’s Globe thinking they’re undermining Salty Dog by having Ai come on board, but Globe’s being duped and manipulated by Ai. And, of course, Salty Dog has managed to get their people in right under Globe’s nose. There’s so many levels of deception and manipulation that have taken place during this series, it makes me wonder if everything would fall apart once all the webs of lies and deceit are unraveled. And it’s not just what we saw this episode that I’m referring to. Puck has been one of the worst offenders. Not only was he deceiving Kube before possessing him, he’s also deceiving the Kiltgang. His catchphrase for a while was, “Puck does not lie,” after all. I still want to understand how Puck ends up fitting into everything.

There’s also an emphasis on relationships in this episode. We see that while the Governor has accepted Hana, she admits to not understanding Teppei because he still retains his memories of being a Planetary Gear. Later, the Governor is surprised when she overhears a conversation between Akari and Teppei where he vents his frustrations about not being able to get as close to people as he’d like, especially girls, due to his telepathic kiss ability. Akari surprises Teppei by kissing him on the cheek. Wow, is this Akari basically confessing to having feelings for Teppei? I admit I’ve been secretly rooting for these two to be a couple since Daichi and Hana have each other.

Unfortunately, the moment is ruined by Hirosue causing an explosion and announcing that he knows about Operation Summer and that he’s taken control of the ship. Right at the end of the episode, he has Daichi and Hana at gunpoint, declaring that he’ll take Hana back. The ending also hints that Ai is aware of what’s going on and thinks it’s interesting. I suspect that the Kiltgang will somehow try to take advantage of the situation for their own goals.

But it’s nice to finally see both Salty Dog and the Kiltgang serving as adversaries at the same time. This is going to up the ante for Globe, as well as to increase the tension of the series. But my main question now is whether the Kiltgang will try to eliminate Salty Dog in addition to Globe. I assume they would, since Salty Dog would be in the way of the Kiltgang achieving their goals. Puck had a brief scene in this episode, but I also wonder how Puck will fit in among whatever the Kiltgang decide to do.

There’s quite a few loose ends still out there, but with only five more episodes to go, I wonder if this series will end as satisfactorily as it could. I guess I’ll have to watch the remaining episodes in order to find out.

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