Episode Six picks up where Episode Five ended, as the tanker tilts and starts falling to the ground. When Rinka regains consciousness, Kyotaro tells her he’s fine but that Kobushi needs medical attention. As Rinka takes Kobushi to a nearby rescue worker, Minami teleports to where Kyotaro is. Rinka finds Minami there when she returns, and Minami is adamant that she’s taking Kyotaro with her. Rinka then hears someone nearby calling for help, and this puts Rinka in a quandary: does she try to take Kyotaro from Minami, or does she rescue the trapped and injured? While it’s hard for her to do, Rinka ends up choosing the trapped and injured over Kyotaro.

Even though Minami may be Kyotaro’s adopted sister, I keep getting the feeling that she may have some kind of romantic feelings for Kyotaro. If I’m right on that, it’s one more thing that Rinka and Minami would be clashing over. And at this point, it looks like the series may be building up to Rinka and Minami battling it out.

Rinka begins sparring with her father, but he keeps defeating her easily. Rinka complains that she couldn’t do anything, and she couldn’t save Kyotaro. A small panda suddenly appears and knocks Rinka’s father down. He’s also able to get Rinka’s bra off without her noticing. As soon as I saw that, I was thinking, “It looks like this character’s going to be this series’ Happosai” (for those who don’t know, Happosai is from Ranma 1/2, and he’s the small old lecher who was also the master of Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo). When Rinka’s father introduces the panda as his teacher from his police academy days, Master Roshi, I nearly died of laughter. After all, “Master Roshi” is a notorious old lecher in the Dragon Ball universe, and he served as Goku and Kuririn’s teacher. After that, I can only view this particular character as a combination of Roshi from Dragon Ball and Happosai from Ranma 1/2. I wonder if this was done intentionally as an homage to those characters and series, especially since the character is a panda (or more accurately, seems to be wearing a panda suit), which is the form Genma in Ranma 1/2 took when he was splashed with cold water.

So Master Roshi takes on training both Rinka and Murasaki. Unfortunately, Rinka doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously at first. But a couple of things ultimately change her mind: a conversation with Kobushi where she encourages Rinka to become stronger so they can settle their score eventually, and being given the bird’s head that Kyotaro wore after it was found at the tanker’s crash site. However, of these two things, it appears that it was Kyotaro’s bird’s head that ultimately pushed her to return to Master Roshi and ask to be trained again from square one.

Right at the end of the episode, Rinka and Murasaki are introduced to a new character, a middle school student named Ayumu Ozora. He’s one of Master Roshi’s students, and Roshi entrusts him with serving as Rinka’s sparring partner. We met Ayumu back in the first episode, but this is the first time we’ve met him in the backstory episodes that seem to be leading back to what we saw in Episode One. Over the past few episodes, I’d found myself wondering when Ayumu would be introduced, since he was seen in the first episode and appears in the opening animation. It basically took until the halfway point of the series to finally introduce Ayumu. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do too much here. Hopefully Ayumu will play a bigger role in Episode Seven.

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