Episode 19 opens with Daichi, Teppei, and Hana finally being able to communicate with Akari and the others at headquarters. Once Daichi catches headquarters up on what’s happened and what they’re planning to do, Akari changes the plan. She uses her hacking ability to hack into Australia Central Command’s main computer and knock it offline. Akari directs them to the Carpentaria base and tells them to commandeer the Bravnik, a heavy transport craft. By the time the three of them reach the base, Akari’s knocked their systems down as well. This makes it easy for them to take the Bravnik.

When Australia Central Command gets its computers back online, they discover the theft of the Bravnik, and the decision is made to get the Sarama Engine, an unmanned Impacter, online and pursue the Bravnik before it reaches Tanegashima. When Akari and the others at headquarters figure this out, they become worried.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would’ve thought that Akari would have figured out that the Kiltgang had somehow hacked into Cerberus. If not that, why didn’t she think about trying to find a way to hack into the Sarama Engine? Hacking seems to be her answer for just about everything, anyway, so why didn’t she think of that this time around?

There’s several flashbacks that appear throughout this episode that focus on Hana and how headquarters came to find her, as well as showing that Daichi is the only one who can get Hana out of the Blume. Hana’s flashback during the battle with Salty Dog was re-used from earlier, but it helped to have this flashback again to remind the audience what we had already learned about Hana prior to this point. The other flashbacks help to flesh out this re-used flashback from an earlier episode. Admittedly, the flashbacks felt like an “info dump” at times, but the audience needed the information that was being conveyed.

Near the end of the episode, Hana does something that surprises people and repels Salty Dog’s attack. It was awesome to see Salty Dog get its ass whooped and being forced to leave with its tail between its legs again. Silly, Salty Dog. Don’t you know that you’re no match for the Midsummer’s Knights?

This episode also sees a scene that features Kube talking to Puck, and the audience learns about an email that Kube received from Peter in which Kube is asked if the way he thought would change if he had eternal life. During the discussion, Puck realizes that Peter wrote a report about how the Livlasters are extradimensional life forms that took the shape of the gun. He also wonders if maybe this life form is the one trying to take over the galaxy.

I have to admit that I was a little confused with this scene at first, because I wasn’t sure if Kube was actually Kube or if Puck still possessed him. But right at the end of the scene, Kube and Puck say their lines in unison. At that point, I came to the realization that Puck appears to be in both places at once.

In this episode, we saw very little of the engineered children. There was only one scene that featured Amarok and Malkin, and it was a scene that didn’t seem to add much of anything to the story. It almost felt like it was thrown in to remind the audience that these characters are around. Seeing the preview for the next episode, it looks like Ai will be playing an important role. With only six more episodes to go, I really wonder why all of these other engineered children were introduced since they hardly ever seem to show up. Honestly, I tend to forget that most of them even exist unless I see them on the screen or I hear a mention of them. Hopefully these characters will start appearing more regularly during these last few episodes.

But it looks like the stage is being set for the final confrontation that I expect will be what ends the series. At this point, will both the engineered children and Salty Dog serve as antagonists and each antagonist gets roughly equal screen time? As it is right now, we haven’t see Salty Dog and the engineered children truly being depicted as antagonists at the same time.

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