Sentai Filmworks has announced that the company has acquired the license for the Reideen anime. This is the 2007 remake of the Brave Raideen anime from 1975. The company says the series will be available through select digital outlets soon, with a home video release to follow at a later date.

The story is described as:

Mathematically gifted, Junki Saiga is a typical high school student, until his family hears that his father’s remains were discovered. His father was an archaeologist and researcher who had disappeared during an exploration years ago. Along with his remains were artifacts and notes near Japan’s pyramid, which is a place thought to be man-made. Soon after the shock of his father’s remains being discovered, a meteor comes crashing from the sky carrying a foreign robotic life-form that immediately begins to cause havoc. This sequence of strange events simultaneously triggers a bracelet left from his father’s research to activate and merge with an ancient robot that had been hidden inside Japan’s pyramid, this is REIDEEN. To save the world Junki and REIDEEN must fight this alien threat. Faced with multiple enemies, REIDEEN and Junki must overcome those that seek REIDEEN’s power and those that want to see REIDEEN and Junki destroyed. Without the help of the nation or even his friends, Junki must push himself to succeed in piloting REIDEEN.

Source: ANN