Episode Five sees Rinka and the others being approached by a man who calls himself the Professor. He has an ESP ability to send images directly into another’s mind, and he uses this power on Rinka, Murasaki, and Peggy. This ends up being a major exposition scene, where the Professor admits to having researched the glowing fish and being the one spreading them throughout Tokyo. The Professor offers to have Rinka join him to help create a new world order, and that a “miracle” will be performed in the city in one week.

We finally get an explanation for how the fish were appearing! I admit that’s something that had been bugging me in the back of my mind since I saw the second episode. Obviously the fish had to come from somewhere, but nothing had been addressed about it until now.

After the girls are released from the Professor’s image, it’s also revealed that the Professor is the one who adopted Kyotaro Azuma. There’s a flashback in here that shows how Kyotaro was found by the Professor and Minami, as well as how Minami became closer to Kyotaro after he was bullied by some boys at school.

There’s a brief scene of the Professor telling Minami about seeing Kyotaro. What I found interesting in this particular scene is that while Minami is reading a book, she turns a page and gets a paper cut. However, the cut she receives causes a significant stream of blood to come out. That must have been a rather sharp page to get that kind of paper cut! Unfortunately, noticing that made this scene a bit comical when it shouldn’t have been.

As Rinka waits for the Professor’s “miracle” to happen, she comes to the realization that she feels at ease when she’s around Kyotaro. But it appears she may actually have some feelings for him, because Rinka wonders what he thinks of her. Back in my write-up for Episode Three, I mentioned that I thought Kyotaro might have feelings for Rinka. And now with this hint being dropped about Rinka, could a relationship potentially blossom between these two later in the series?

Rinka and Murasaki are approached by Nabeshima from the Ueno police, and he has a few questions to ask in regards to the White Girl case. Before anything can progress, the Professor’s “miracle” happens: he causes a tanker to float in the air, and people in the city panic over what’s going on.

Kyotaro and Kobushi (who had called herself Black Fist prior to this point) used Kyotaro’s teleportation power to get to the deck of the tanker. They are greeted by the Professor, Minami, a guy who has an ability to track esper users, and Kobushi’s younger sister, Kozuki. The sisters dress rather similarly in tight black leather. I though Kobushi’s outfit was rather low cut, but Kozuki’s outfit is cut so much that she looks like she’s about to pop right out of it. Kobushi and Kozuki fight each other, which ends with Kozuki using her power to trap Kobushi in a cage. Kyotaro uses his teleportation ability to get her out of it, but Kyotaro is confronted and attacked by both the Professor and Minami. Over the course of this confrontation, I thought the Professor came across as being a bit on the overpowered side. However, if he wasn’t that strong, the series wouldn’t be able to last for 12 episodes. And just when it seems like all hope is lost, Rinka appears with her esper power activated, and is escorted by Peggy.

After seeing Episode Five, the first episode finally makes a lot more sense! After watching Episode One, I thought there was an interesting premise being presented, but I felt rather lost because I didn’t really understand what was going on. Five episodes in, I finally have all of the pieces I need to understand what’s going on. But I really do wonder why they chose to tell the story in this manner. Now that I’m this far in, I believe that the series should have started with Episode Two and saved the events of Episode One for later in the series. By doing that, the audience would have been much less confused. While the storytelling device that Tokyo ESP used to start the series can be effective if it’s done right, I don’t think that device worked for this particular series.

With how Episode Five ends, I get the impression that we’re getting a lot closer to returning to where the story was back in Episode One. Hopefully I’m right on that!

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