Episode Five sees Nice, Murasaki, and Hajime running into Art. Both Nice and Murasaki try to use their Minimum ability to take on Art, but they experience side effects. Art, meanwhile, goes to talk with the Freemums who are nearby. They have a brief conversation, and they say they’ll hear Art out later. When Art talks to them later, he asks the Freemums to help him out with a plan that he has. The Freemums agree to help. As I saw Art talking with them, I had a hunch that he’s not being entirely honest with the group. I suspect that a little later in the series, Art will end up double-crossing them and taking away their Minimum abilities.

Ratio, meanwhile, is concerned about the side effects that he and the others in Hamatora have been experiencing when they use their Minimum ability, so he takes it upon himself to do some research. What he finds out is actually a bit surprising.

Art’s former partner, Gasquet, also does some digging into what Art has been doing and discovers some interesting connections. He also figures out what Art and the Freemum’s plans are, and goes to confront them. Before doing so, he had called on Hamatora because he believes he can’t get anyone on the force to help him. Unfortunately, Gasquet gets in too deep and things don’t go well for him.

Wow, a lot takes place and is revealed over the course of Episode Five. It appears that the leader of the Freemums isn’t what he’s cracked up to be, and some interesting information is revealed during the course of Ratio’s research into the side effects of using their Minimum abilities. It was also interesting to see that while Murakami is concerned about the side effects, Nice just shrugs it off. I wonder if the fact that Nice is ignoring the problem will play an important role later in the story.

The stakes have definitely risen by the end of Episode Five. At this point, it appears the rest of the season will be focusing on Art and what he’s doing, the truth behind the Freemums, and unraveling the mystery of the side effects that are affecting Minimum Holders when they use their ability. There’s still a lot of ground to cover, but it’s early on in the season yet, so I really don’t expect any kind of pacing issues in order to get these various plot threads wrapped up by the end of the season.

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