Episode Four sees Rinka and Azuma trying to rescue Murasaki, but Rinka is captured by one of the mafia guys that have esper powers. Peggy surprises everyone by summoning what looks like a large whale. The whale takes the glowing fish out of the mafia guy and gives it to Peggy to eat. This causes the mafia guy to lose his powers, and Rinka starts attacking him.

When I saw Peggy summon the whale and take out the guy’s fish to take away his power, I wondered why Peggy couldn’t simply do that to get rid of people’s powers on a regular basis. However, it ended up being made clear at the end of that scene that summoning that whale and taking the glowing fish takes a lot out of Peggy. Of course, this means that this is something that Peggy can’t do very much, so it removes that as becoming a potential “deus ex machina” in the future.

Meanwhile, Black Fist has left the area and finds a rock that houses glowing fish. Before she can grab it, some guy in a kind of power suit comes over and tells her she can’t have the rock. As the guy with the power suit attacks, Black Fist is rescued by Rinka’s dad. Black Fist sees him and it’s love at first sight.

Rinka and Azuma rescue Murasaki, but they find themselves face-to-face with the guy in the power suit. Azuma gets a surprise when a woman appears, and he recognizes her. We later learn that her name is Minami, and she is the daughter of the man who adopted him after he lost his parents while they were overseas.

After this incident, Azuma seems to disappear. Rinka, her father, and Black Fist are staying with a friend of Rinka’s father since they have nowhere to live. Later, Rinka finds Azuma and rescues him from the pyro guy who burned down her house. Azuma explains about Minami to her. Later, they run into Murasaki and her father, and they learn that she was attacked by a glowing fish in Episode Three and now has the power of psychometry. After Murasaki’s father shows he doesn’t care for supernatural powers, Murasaki declares she’s moving out. Rinka invites her to stay with her and the others.

Near the end of the episode, a very touching scene happens with Murasaki that ties in with her newfound supernatural ability. And the episode ends with someone new arriving on the scene.

It turns out the rescue attempt for Murasaki didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. That’s a good thing, though, because it allowed the story to progress more over the course of Episode Four. We also got more backstory on Azuma here as well. While Episode Three had a little bit of that, Episode Four expanded on that backstory and that helped me to understand him even more.

In Episode Three I had seen that Murasaki had been attacked by the fish, but I had no idea what her esper power was. Now I know, and it’s an interesting one. I’m sure she’ll find a way to make it more useful to the cause as the story continues. And in addition to gaining this esper power, Murasaki also seems to have become much more assertive than she had been during Episode Three.

I enjoyed seeing the character development and character progression in Episode Four, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Episode Five will continue the story.

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