Episode Four sees Shibazaki going to Aomori to try to find more information on the member of Sphinx who posed as a worker at the fuel reprocessing facility. Unfortunately, most people don’t remember him ever working there. But he does manage to find out a few small clues from one employee who does remember him.

There’s also a lengthy exposition scene of the police and various agencies exchanging information that they’ve learned from the investigation into the bomb plot that happened back in Episode Three. While this was “info dumping,” it was important to hear in order to learn just how much Nine and Twelve were able to cover their tracks and succeed in stumping law enforcement. By hearing all of this, there’s no way someone in the audience could ask, “Well, why weren’t they discovered because of…?”

We then see Nine trying to hack into the Metropolitan Police Department’s computer system. After a bit of effort, he finds a way in and accesses the investigation reports for the terrorist attacks. Sphinx then releases a new video message, which features yet another riddle tied in to the story of Oedipus. Shibazaki tackles the riddle.

Meanwhile, the police have finally found information from surveillance cameras to figure out where Nine and Twelve are. Unfortunately, their attempt to apprehend them causes the solving of the riddle to not work since they are accused of cheating.

During this episode, we also see that Twelve is tracking Lisa’s movements with his cell phone. When he realizes she’s run away, he takes it upon himself to help her, even though Nine objects. Of course, he’s not doing this to actually help her. It’s so he can keep an eye on her to make sure she isn’t caught by the authorities and tells them about him and Nine.

I was very pleased to see Lisa actually returning and having a part to play in the episode. It turns out the glimpses we saw of her in Episode Three were establishing that she was running away from home. This was reinforced throughout Episode Four as we see her wandering the streets. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that she’s with Nine and Twelve.

Shibazaki continues his drive to discover the culprits in these attacks. Unfortunately for him, Nine and Twelve know who he is, and this played an important role in the riddle that was presented in this episode. And depending on what Nine may have discovered while hacking into the police department’s system, he could potentially have more he could use against Shibazaki in future episodes.

Terror in Resonance continues to be one of the anime series I look forward to watching week after week, and I can’t wait to see how the story will continue in Episode Five.

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