The English cast has been announced for the Short Peace anime film:

Short Peace – Opening

  • Brittney Karbowski is Mai
  • Emily Neves is Meisa


  • Jason Douglas is Man
  • Jessica Boone is Ghost
  • Monica Rial is Frog


  • Luci Christian is Waka
  • David Wald is Matsukichi
  • Shelley Calene-Black is Ume
  • Andy McAvin is Tsurunosuke
  • Paul Sidello is Nakoudo
  • Angela Foster is Matchmaker’s Wife
  • Carl Masterson is Waka’s Father
  • Emily Neves is Waka’s Mother
  • Kyle Colby Jones is Sadakichi
  • Kalin Coates is Matsukichi (Child)
  • Marty Fleck is Chief Fireman


  • Cynthia Martinez is Kao
  • Illich Guardiola is Nigenji
  • John Swasey is Oni
  • Emily Neves is Shika
  • Marty Fleck is Village Chief
  • Andy McAvin is Husband of Shika
  • Angela Foster is Mother of Shika
  • Andrew Love is Rikihito
  • Kyle Colby Jones is Saruichi
  • Jay Hickman is Monk

A Farewell to Weapons

  • John Swasey is Merle
  • George Manley is Gimlet
  • Houston Hayes is Rum
  • Jay Hickman is Jin
  • Andrew Love is Junkie
  • Andy McAvin is GONK-18

Kyle Jones is directing the dub.