Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun: Episode 4 – “There Are Times When Men Must Fight.”

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is about a girl named Chiyo Sakura who has a crush on Umetaro Nozaki. When she tries confessing her feelings to him, she doesn’t manage to get it out right. But by saying what she said, she comes to learn that Nozaki is the author of a shojo manga that she’s read in a shojo manga magazine; he writes under the pen name, Sakiko Yumeno. Sakura becomes Nozaki’s assistant.

Episode Four focuses very heavily on Mikoto, who plays a central in two stories that appear in the episode. In the first story, Mikoto asks to spend the night at Nozaki’s place. When he’s there, he’s playing a dating sim and is asking Nozaki for advice. Mikoto gets the bright idea to suggest that Nozaki try out the game. Nozaki tries to say no, but Mikoto resets the game and insists.

When Nozaki finally relents, Mikoto tells Nozaki to focus on one girl at first. Nozaki chooses a character who has a resemblance to Sakura, and both Mikoto and the audience wonder if maybe he might have an interest in her. But, no… we were being trolled. Nozaki says he saw online that she was the easiest character to win with. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Nozaki doesn’t have an interest in Sakura. Perhaps he has a subconscious interest in her?

What ensues is rather funny, because Nozaki keeps trying to tackle the situations as if they’re happening in a shojo manga. Unfortunately, since the game isn’t written that way, he gets the opposite reactions of what he expects. Also, he’s resistant to the best friend character at first. But once the game ends, both he and Mikoto start crying because the best friend character spent three years looking over the protagonist and not experiencing his own youth. Nozaki decides he’ll draw the best friend character’s story.

But the moral of that story appeared to be that you shouldn’t let a guy who writes shojo manga play dating sim games, because he’ll never “get it.”

The other story sees Mikoto being invited to a mixer by three other guys. Mikoto puts on his usual act of making himself look like he’s more experienced than he really is and agrees to go. Later, Mikoto goes and cries to Nozaki, who offers to help Mikoto practice before the mixer.

Unfortunately, the practice goes horribly wrong. Nozaki fails at trying to be a girl, and it seems like Sakura will be able to save the day when she arrives. Unfortunately, all she can talk about is Nozaki, so neither one really is much help to Mikoto. And it turns out that Nozaki doesn’t have a clue about what a real mixer is like, even though he’s included one in his manga in the past. It’s little touches like that which make the overall story funny, because here’s this high school boy that writes shojo manga that has had no experience when it comes to love.

When the day of the mixer arrives, there ends up being a substitution for Mikoto. This substitution ends up providing a very humorous ending to the story.

After how little screen time Mikoto got in Episode Three, it was nice to see an episode that focused on him. This episode did a great job of providing character development for him. It was also neat to see some more interaction between Nozaki and Sakura. I think it’s going to be interactions and times like we see in Episode Four that will potentially help bring these two characters together. Sakura obviously has an interest in him already, and Nozaki just needs a nudge to get him out of his cluelessness and realize that Sakura likes him.

And from the preview for Episode Five, it looks like we’ll be introduced to Nozaki’s editor. Depending on what kind of a relationship he has with his editor, as well as how the episode is written, there’s potential there for an interesting episode. Hopefully I’m right about the episode’s potential.

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