Episode 17 sees Inspector Ando from Salty Dog arriving at Globe headquarters, because they heard Hana has lost her precognitive abilities and that they’re distrustful of the Midsummer’s Knights. Apparently, she has come to arrest Hana, but she’s off on the Tenkaidou. Meanwhile, Globe gets reports that large numbers of people have simultaneously fallen into comas in the Tokyo ES area. It’s guessed that the engineered children are trying to gather more Orgone energy.

Malkin and Zimbalt are given the Orgone energy and set out in their mecha. Ando orders their new unmanned impacter, Cerberus, to take care of it. However, Globe also launches Earth Engine and Nebula Engine. Ando sneers, saying that the unmanned impacters are superior. However, her smugness is wiped off of her face when Malkin is able to hack in and take control of it. I was glad to see Ando getting knocked down a peg or two, because she made it clear that she thought the Midsummer’s Knights were worthless and that technology can perform better than the human pilots.

It’s up to Akari to try to hack into Cerberus while Daichi and Teppei fight the Kiltgang.

So we finally see Salty Dog make a re-appearance in the series, and it was so nice to see their plans not work again. It’ll be interesting to see how the Ark Faction takes getting their ass handed to them on a platter by Globe.

Early on in the episode, there were also some attempts at “fanservice,” such as Hana and female members of the Tenkaidou‘s crew lounging by a pool in bikinis, and Akari’s “belly button forte.” Akari’s belly button forte had appeared once before, and I thought it came across as rather lame. But this time, not only was she showing off her belly button to the characters, she breaks the fourth wall and shows it to the audience as well. Honestly, this did nothing to enhance the story and felt more like “time kill” than anything else.

And it looks like this episode finally provides an explanation for why we don’t see most of the other engineered children as much as we do Malkin, Amarok, and Zimbalt. It turns out they have no sense of teamwork and want to leave the work up to these three. So while their memories have been reawakened, it doesn’t appear that they seem to be very motivated to help out the cause.

Outside of the pointless fanservice with Akari’s belly button, I overall enjoyed Episode 17 of Captain Earth. I’m curious to see how the story will be progressing from here.

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