Episode Three continues Rinka’s backstory. Rinka decides she wants to find a way to return to normal, and thinks that the flying penguin she saw is the key to figuring that out. When she and Azuma go out to look for the penguin, they find it with a girl named Murasaki who is trying to protect the penguin from some guys trying to capture it. Murasaki and the penguin are captured, and Azuma and Rinka use their abilities to rescue the two of them.

Murasaki becomes friends with Rinka and Azuma, and when they go to her house, they discover that her father is a gang leader. While they’re there, a guy named Hotokeda comes and demands that Murasaki’s father hand over all of the Kanto area that he controls. It turns out Hotokeda and his goons all have esper abilities, which they use to kidnap Murasaki. Rinka has a run-in with Black Fist, the girl who was stealing the jewels; she is now a member of Hotokeda’s group. Rinka and Black Fist fight, and Black Fist is the victor.

By the end of Episode Three, Rinka, her father, and Azuma all find themselves involved in an attempt to rescue Murasaki. With the way this episode ends, Episode Four will have to feature the attempt to rescue Murasaki. Also, something rather surprising happens to Murasaki near the end of the episode.

A lot happens in Episode Three, and the various stories keep intersecting throughout the course of it. I knew from the first episode that Murasaki is part of the group affiliated with the White-Haired Girl, so when she was introduced here I knew that she was going to be important. Right now, it appears that Episode Three and Episode Four will be the story of how Murasaki ended up joining forces with Rinka.

In the midst of this backstory, we get a little bit of backstory for Azuma and the type of life he had grown up in. It really makes the audience understand why he has such a strong sense of justice and why he wants to see heroes. And is it just me, or could Azuma potentially have feelings of some kind for Rinka?

From what we saw in Episode One, as well as from the opening, there’s still some more characters to introduce. This means that there will have to be at least a couple more episodes devoted to the backstory of how these other characters join up with Rinka. From what I saw on MyAnimeList, it appears that there are 12 episodes of Tokyo ESP. My fear right now is that so many episodes are going to be devoted to this backstory that there won’t be much time to show us how the story set in the present will progress.

Even though I’m a little concerned about how much focus there’s going to be on this backstory, I am enjoying the various characters and their interactions with one another. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Four in order to find out how Murasaki will be rescued.

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