Terror in Resonance: Episode 3 – “Search & Destroy”

Episode Three has a strong focus on Shibasaki, since he decides to return to the police force to help work on the Sphinx case. When he returns to active duty, he’s briefed about what the police have figured out up to this point. When Sphinx releases a new video that has a new riddle, Shibasaki takes on the task of trying to piece things together in order to come up with the right answer. And it’s through a conversation with one of his former co-workers in the archives that Shibasaki gets the final piece that he needs in order to solve the riddle before time runs out.

This episode not only focused on Shibasaki as he returns to working as a detective, we also get to see some character development for him as well. It’s through this backstory that we learn why Shibasaki is so intent on taking on and solving the Sphinx case. Terror in Resonance is definitely developing into a series that’s going to be a game of “cat and mouse” between Shibasaki and the two members of Sphinx.

And speaking of character development, we also get a brief flashback from Nine that focuses on the institution that Nine and Twelve referenced back in Episode One. It’s just a little more than what we saw in Episode One, but this flashback shows just how cold and uncaring those running the institution were. These kids are told that because they were abandoned, love does not exist. Also, they were all given new names.

In this episode, we only got some brief glimpses of Lisa, most of which only reinforce the fact that she has a crappy home life with her mother. After Episode One, Lisa hasn’t really played any type of major role. Hopefully her character will become more important as the series progresses. If she doesn’t, then it makes me wonder why she’s even there at all.

I’m continuing to enjoy watching Terror in Resonance. I’ve been impressed by the tone of the storytelling, the feel of the animation, and the quality of the music and how it complements the visuals. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Four in order to find out if Shibasaki will be able to solve whatever riddle Sphinx throws out next.

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