In Episode 16, Kube is seen apologizing to Amarok and Malkin and says he’s leaving the Machine Goodfellow trials to them. Later, the two engineered children talk to Puck, and he says he used subliminal messages to make Kube fall in love with his secretary, Hitomi Makino. By doing this, Kube has released the tension that has come with trying to become humanity’s next leader. Later, we see Kube by himself, and it’s obvious that it’s actually Puck who has taken over Kube’s body. Puck also makes it clear that he’s not only double-crossing Kube, he’s also double-crossing Amarok and Malkin. So that now begs the question: just who is Puck working for and who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes?

Later, all the engineered children gather and have a briefing with Sirena (aka Setsuna). Sirena points out that Albion isn’t with them, and Amarok explains that he has destroyed his Ego Block and has become a Neoteny. Aiatar volunteers to take on the next mission.

Meanwhile, Daichi is informed by the higher-ups at Globe that the Midsummer’s Knights’ mission is changing. They’re returning to what the Intercept Faction is meant to be doing. They will be part of Operation Summer, which will be launching soon.

Aiatar attacks, but neither Daichi nor Teppei can fight in a battle because they’re still recovering from their previous battle, and both of their mecha still need to be repaired. Hana ends up going out in a mecha called the Flare Engine. Hana battles against Aiatar, and Hana is able to surprise the enemy again.

The big thing that I left this episode with was, “Wow! You can’t trust Puck on anything. His catchphrase is ‘Puck does not lie,’ but he seems to lie about everything.” I have to give the writers credit here, because they really made it appear that Puck was on Amarok and Malkin’s side for a while now. Seeing that Puck is also double-crossing those two did come as a bit of a surprise.

It was also awesome to see Hana piloting her own mecha in this episode. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to beat Aiatar on her own. It ultimately took the effect of a solar flare to disrupt Aiatar’s mecha and Hana being able to find Aiatar because she had absorbed Hana’s power earlier. If not for those two things, Hana would’ve been done for. I hope Hana will be able to improve as a mecha pilot as the series progresses and can actually win a fight with her own skills.

So now that we know about Operation Summer, I suspect this is what the series will be ending with, and that the next few episodes will be the lead-up to Operation Summer. At the end of this episode, we saw a brief appearance from the Ark Faction head honchos, who we haven’t seen in a while. And from the preview for the next episode, it looks like there will be a new observer coming to Globe from the Ark Faction. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

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