This episode provides backstory for Rinka, aka The White Girl. One day, after she sees a flying penguin and has an encounter with glowing fish that are swimming in the air, she discovers that she has become an esper. When her ability activates, her hair turns white, and she is able to pass through objects. She meets a young man named Azuma Kyotaro, who also had an encounter with the glowing fish. He has become an esper with the ability to teleport.

Rinka discovers that her father, who had been out drinking the night before, has also acquired an esper ability. He becomes highly magnetized and attracts things to him. Unfortunately he doesn’t realize that he has this ability, so it causes utter chaos when he tries to find Rinka and attracts everything in sight to him. It’s up to Rinka to save him.

When Rinka goes to work the next day, she finds Azuma there. As she’s talking with him, her esper ability kicks in. But before her boss notices, the police come in and ask the owner about a suspect in a rash of cases of stolen jewelry. The thief is able to disappear like a wisp of fog. After Rinka hears this, she suspects Azuma. He teleports away before she can say anything.

Since there’s a museum right next to where Rinka works, she uses her ability to enter the museum without being noticed. She finds that someone has already struck, and she learns that the culprit isn’t who she thought it was.

Hooray! I got the backstory for Rinka that I was wanting after watching Episode One! From the title for Episode Three, I’m assuming that it will be continuing Rinka’s backstory.

So it appears right now that the series is being done in a way where the first episode establishes where the story is at the present time, there’s an episode or episodes that give pertinent backstory to understand how we got the present, and then after the backstory arc is done, the series will return to the present time. I’m curious to see whether or not my assumption on this is correct.

So far, Rinka does seem to have an interesting backstory to her. And at the end of the episode, it appears that Rinka and Azuma will be starting to work together in order to battle against espers that want to use their powers for evil.

My main question at this point is: what’s going to happen to Rinka’s father? Will he eventually learn he has this magnetic ability and learn how to control it? I mean, if he doesn’t, he could inadvertently wreak a lot of havoc like he did in Episode Two because he doesn’t know that he has a magnetic ability. I’m hoping Episode Three will touch on this fact.

I definitely have a better impression of Tokyo ESP after watching Episode Two, and I’m hoping that the series will continue to improve as it progresses. I’m looking forward to watching Episode Three in order to find out what’s going to happen next.

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