Love Stage!!: Episode 2 – “Because I Was Able to Meet You”

Love Stage!! features an otaku named Izumi Sena who was born into a showbiz family. While his family wants him to go into entertainment, Izumi dreams of becoming a manga artist. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the talent that would be needed to pursue his dream. 10 years ago, Izumi found himself placed into a commercial his parents were involved in when a little girl cast for the commercial couldn’t make it, and he was dressed up as a girl. His co-star in that commercial was Ichijo Ryoma, who has gone on to become a very popular actor. When an offer to participate in a 10th anniversary commercial comes up, Izumi is forced to dress up as a girl again to reprise his role. It turns out that Ichijo fell in love with his co-star 10 years earlier, thinking Izumi was a girl.

Episode Two opens where Episode One ended during the filming of the commercial. It turns out there was a kissing scene in the script that Izumi was unaware of, and he’s caught off-guard when Ichijo kisses him. Izumi freaks out, pushes Ichijo away, runs off the set and locks himself into his dressing room. When Ichijo overhears Izumi’s parents saying that was Izumi’s first kiss, Ichijo talks to the director about removing the kissing scene.

Meanwhile, Rei knocks on Izumi’s dressing room door but Izumi refuses to answer. Rei gives Shogo a call, and it turns out Shogo just arrived at the location of the filming after skipping out of a recording session in London. Shogo says he’ll talk to Izumi, and Izumi actually lets him in. At first, Izumi says he refuses to continue with the commercial. However, Shogo has brought a bribe with him: a super-limited-edition Lala-Lulu life-size body pillow. Izumi really wants it, but Shogo says he can only have it if he completes the commercial. Izumi gives in so he can get the pillow.

When Izumi returns to the set, the rest of the filming seems to go rather smoothly. After the filming wraps, extras start coming up to Ichijo and trying to get pictures with him, his autograph, and things like this. Rei works at getting both Ichijo and Izumi out of that situation.

Right near the end of the episode, Ichijo learns the truth about Izumi and doesn’t take it very well…

Quite a bit of this episode focused on Izumi and his refusal to continue with the commercial after the kissing scene. While this is going on, Izumi’s father has a talk with Rei and admits that he had the secretary at the talent agency remove the kissing scene from the script before handing it over to him. He knew that if Rei saw that scene he would have turned down the offer. There’s a flashback scene of when Rei is first hired and moves in with the Sena family.

After Ichijo learns the truth about Izumi, we learn from Shogo that the personality that Ichijo shows during that scene is his true personality, and that what we’d seen prior to that during the commercial shoot was simply to act to impress Izumi when Ichijo thought that he was a girl.

So now the truth is out, and the audience is left with the impression that Ichijo hates Izumi. However, as we can see from the opening and ending credits that something is going to cause Ichijo to change his tune. I don’t know what will cause him to change, but I suspect that the answer to that will be coming sometime soon in the series,

Love Stage!! is still showing a lot of promise, and I can’t wait to watch Episode Three in order to find out how the series is going to continue.

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