Episode One sees a violent group of espers trying to take over Tokyo. It starts with the parliament house being overtaken by armed espers, and that the parliament house is floating in the air within the city. Those in the parliament house are told that they are hostages, and will continue to be hostages until mankind comes to recognize the espers as the new leaders of the world.

Then, espers start going around and causing explosions and mischief around Tokyo, and citizens are ordered to evacuate. People start wondering if groups like the “White Girl” will come to their aid. From what’s revealed, this group also has espers in it, but they try to protect humankind instead of attacking.

A little girl starts wondering when the White Big Sister will be coming. She encounters a young man named Ayumu who appears to have a connection with the White Girl. Another person named Murasaki, who knows Ayumu, comes up to him. Murasaki uses her power and discovers that the espers intend to drop the parliament house somewhere. Before they can do anything else, an esper appears, and she has taken some people hostage. Among the hostages is the little girl’s mother. A confrontation ensues between the esper, Ayumu, and Murasaki. Right at the end of the episode, the White Girl appears and takes on the esper.

I have to be honest and say that while there seems to be an interesting idea being presented so far, the pacing of the first episode felt a little on the sluggish side. And because the pacing felt so slow, I found it hard to get into the episode as much as I hoped I would. Also, it appears that the White Girl is supposed to be the main character, but she ended up not appearing for most of the episode. And when she finally did appear, there was really no explanation or development done for her. However, I do have to give the episode credit for establishing the espers, their goals, and the world that this series inhabits.

Probably the one thing that kept me from feeling totally bored while watching this episode of Tokyo ESP was the animation. The animation is rather well done, and the feel and look of it effectively complements the story that was being told in the episode. Hopefully this strong animation quality can continue as the series progresses.

I’m really hoping that Episode Two will start providing more information on the White Girl, as well as on the group that she’s with. I think that if I can start getting to know the main character more, I can probably start gaining a better appreciation for Tokyo ESP. It seems to have a good concept, and I’m hoping that the execution of the series as a whole will be able to live up to the potential that I’m seeing.

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