At the beginning of the first episode, the audience is shown a terrorist attack that takes place at a nuclear fuel reprocessing facility in Aomori, Japan. The audience sees that there are two terrorists involved in the incident.

The story then jumps ahead six months, and the setting is now in Tokyo. Two boys, who call each other Nine and Twelve, are transferring into school there. They see a girl named Lisa Mishima being bullied by several girls, and Twelve intervenes. We see the two of them being introduced as transfer students: Nine is introduced as Arata Kokonoe, while Twelve is introduced as Toji Hisami. Twelve ends up being in the same class as Lisa.

Meanwhile, a group of men that includes one named Shibazaki, find a video online labeled as “Sphinx Weather Forecast.” There are two guys wearing masks, and they give a weather report: “Tokyo will be enveloped by darkness after 3 p.m. Large sparks will fly, scattered around the Shinjuku area. Use caution when leaving the house.” Most of the guys think it’s an early summer vacation prank, but Shibazaki isn’t so sure.

We learn that Nine has a recurring nightmare about kids at an institution that couldn’t be saved because they were weak. While nothing has been said outright yet in the series, I suspect that Nine and Twelve had been part of that institution somehow. Hopefully future episodes will shed some more light on this.

The next day, Nine and Twelve are at a public building, where they cause a blackout so they can hide explosives around the building. Lisa is also there, and Twelve comes across her. He hands her one of the explosives, which is hidden inside a stuffed toy, and tells her to promise him that she won’t let go of it until he says she can.

Twelve rejoins Nine as the lights come back on, and Nine uses his cell phone to start activating the explosives. Twelve tells Nine about Lisa, and they call her cell phone. Nine gives Lisa two options: she can either die or become their accomplice. Since she doesn’t want to die, she becomes their accomplice. Nine directs her where to place the stuffed toy and tells her how to get out before he detonates it. Twelve saves her from the building. When they meet up with Nine, he tells Lisa that she chose to become their accomplice and she can’t go back now.

I have to admit that in some respects, this episode was a little slow to get going. Unfortunately, it had to be this way in order to establish the major players in the series. Obviously, Nine, Twelve, and Lisa are going to be major characters. And with what we saw of Shibazaki, I think he’s going to become a major character as well. It appears he used to be a detective, so I’m wondering if he’s going to take it upon himself to track down Nine and Twelve.

There are still some things that were presented in this episode, such as the reference to the institution, that will need some further clarification. Hopefully future episodes will help with this.

One thing that frustrated me was the fact that we saw Lisa’s mom constantly texting her, but we were never given a translation for what her mom was texting. However, when Twelve texts Nine during the episode, we got to see the translations for those texts. From Lisa’s reactions, though, I had to infer that these weren’t exactly good texts she was receiving from her mother.

Animation-wise, I thought that Terror in Resonance looked really good. From what I’ve seen of this season so far, it’s probably the best animated series I’m watching right now. Hopefully this strong animation quality will continue throughout the series’ run. And so far, it sounds like Yoko Kanno has delivered another good anime score.

Terror in Resonance is off to a rather promising start, even though it was a little slow to get going. Once the story started becoming more established as the episode progressed, it intrigued me enough and kept my interest. And the animation for this series is doing a great job of complementing the story that’s being told and is very effective for bringing it to life. I’m looking forward to watching more of this series to see how it’s going to continue.

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