Blue Spring Ride: Episode 2 – “Page.2”

At the beginning of Episode Two, Futaba is eating lunch with Asumi and Chie. Asumi and Chie get some digs in on their classmate, Makita, for the cutesy girl image she puts on around boys. Futaba is called on to go to the teachers’ office to pick up notes and print-outs since she’s the daily rep. When Futaba asks her friends for help, neither one will do it.

On her way to the teachers’ office, she runs into Makita, who is outside eating lunch by herself. The two have a short chat, and Makita gives her a cell phone charm that she has a duplicate of. Futaba gives Makita a hand warmer because her hands felt so cold from being outside. And right before she makes it to the teachers’ office, Futaba runs into Kou, who is talking to Tanaka-senpai.

After Futaba gets the notes and print-outs, she has to open the door with her foot. Kou is walking right past her, but refuses to help her carry her load. Tanaka-senpai comes over and says he’ll help. Tanaka-senpai starts talking with Futaba about Kou.

When Futaba returns to her classroom, Chie asks if she has something in her pocket. When she tells about getting the charm from Makita, the other two continue to rib on her. Futaba blurts out that they must be jealous of Makita since they put her down so much. Makita overhears this, and Asumi and Chie get up and leave.

Futaba goes outside by herself, and realizes that she hadn’t handled that situation as well as she could have. Kou finds her and the two have some interactions. At one point, Futaba starts crying, and realizes there are students coming from all directions. Kou suddenly grabs her and hides her face so no one can see her crying. By the end of this scene, I think Futaba is also starting to realize that her whole thing about trying to change who she was when she entered high school was a mistake.

Right at the end of the episode, the school year is ending. Futaba apologizes to Asumi and Chie, but Asumi says that Futaba just doesn’t fit in with them. Makita comes up after they leave, and it looks like Futaba and Makita could end up becoming friends.

There’s a lot of changes in character relationships over the course of this episode. Asumi and Chie are no longer Futaba’s friends, and personally, I’m glad they’re not. She really didn’t need to be friends with such rude and stuck up bitches. I was so pleased to see Futaba standing up for herself. It also seems like Kou is slowly opening himself back up to Futaba. I don’t think there’s any romantic interest yet, but he does at least seem to be willing to start trying to be friends with her again. And like I said earlier, it appears that Futaba and Makita are on the road to becoming friends.

Seeing Tanaka-senpai again in this episode, it really hit home just how much of a resemblance he has to Kou. Also, the fact that we saw both Kou and Tanaka-senpai interacting with each other makes me think there’s some kind of relationship between the two of them. Perhaps they’re brothers or cousins or something? It’s hard for me to believe that they’re not related somehow.

To me, Blue Spring Ride got even better over the course of Episode Two. I’ve been enjoying what I’ve seen so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this story will continue to progress.

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