In Episode 15, Hana has run away and has turned off her communicator. The others are worried about her, but there’s really nothing they can do until Hana decides to contact them. Teppei also gives Daichi information about Hana and how she was able to activate the Blume‘s weaponry in Episode 14.

Meanwhile, Hana runs into Setsuna while she’s out and about, and the two of them talk. Amarok and Malkin use Malkin’s singularity to track down Setsuna, and they find both Setsuna and Hana. Pitz attacks Amarok, but Amarok hits the creature; Pitz is now injured. As Setsuna and Hana try to flee, Hana uses her communicator to contact the others. Daichi traces her signal in order to locate her, and Teppei and Akari decide that they’ll go as well. Unfortunately, Amarok is able to capture Setsuna and successfully reawaken her memories.

Daichi finds Hana, and it appears she’s no longer being followed. Unfortunately, Amarok and Malkin appear in their Machine Goodfellows, and a battle ensues.

Also during this episode, Kube finds information linking Amarok, Malkin, and the Machine Goodfellows to the Kiltgang. Before he can act on it, Puck finally betrays Kube and appears to take over his body.

Some major shakeups and events take place over the course of Episode 15. Probably my favorite of these, though, is the fact that Daichi and Hana finally kiss. This scene was mixed in with a couple of other scenes that involved kissing: Amarok forcing Setsuna to kiss him, and Kube (now possessed by Puck) kissing Kube’s secretary, Hitomi.

This episode also has a strong focus on Hana, both in the fact that we got more of an explanation about her, and the fact that she does something else surprising near the end of the episode.

From what I’ve seen, there’s supposed to be 10 more episodes of Captain Earth. Episode 15 definitely serves as a major turning point for the story, and the pieces all finally seem to be in place to get the story ever closer to the climax and conclusion. I’m very curious to see what kind of intrigues, twists, and other surprises are in store for the remainder of Captain Earth.

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