Episode 14 sees Akari insisting that the group needs to take a vacation, since Hana told her there would be no Orgone energy movement for the next three days. After some debate, the Vice Captain agrees to let them go, on the condition that they can be reached at any time.

Kube consults with Puck about Amarok and Malkin. Later, Kube has a talk with both Amarok and Malkin, scolding them for using Machine Goodfellows and Orgone energy capsules without permission. He tells them that they must obey orders and to not use Machine Goodfellows without permission. Amarok and Malkin are upset by how Kube treated them, and come up with a plan that will not only punish Kube, but destroy Globe’s base at Tanegashima as well.

Meanwhile, Daichi and Hana find that Akari booked them in connecting rooms. That night, Daichi wakes up and finds Hana sitting next to his bed, crying. He reaches out to wipe the tears from her eyes, but she suddenly runs off. This also happens again the next night, but Hana admits to Daichi that she’s in love with him. When he says he wants to kiss her, she says he can’t and adds that if he knew her real self, he’d hate her. Before this can go anywhere, Daichi receives an urgent message saying the Midsummer’s Knights need to gather.

It turns out Amarok and Malkin’s plan is to send a satellite that’s important to Kube down to Tanegashima in order to destroy it. However, their plan is foiled when Hana does something unexpected…

From the preview, I really had the impression that this had the potential to be a filler episode. However, I’m glad to discover that my impression had been wrong. A lot of important things happen here, especially Hana’s confession and what we see Hana do near the end of the episode. However, I do have to comment that it felt like there was a little more in the way “fanservice” in this episode than usual. Hopefully that was just for this episode and that the fanservice won’t continue in this vein for the remaining episodes. In my opinion, the fanservice shots in this episode were more of a distraction from the story than anything else.

So it looks like we’ll finally start learning more about Hana. Previous to this episode, we only got very vague pieces of information about her. And from the preview for Episode 15, it appears that both Hana and Setsuna will play very important roles.

And Kube, who thinks he’s cleverly double-crossing people, continues to be double-crossed by Amarok, Malkin, and Puck. During this episode, I kept getting a sense that Kube’s secretary isn’t as loyal as she appears to be. There was just something about her when I saw her in this episode that just felt “off.”

Episode 14 also had a new opening and ending sequence. The opening shows footage of the various engineered children that Amarok and Malkin reawakened recently, so it appears that they will start playing more of an important role as the series continues.

I’m looking forward to watching Episode 15 in order to find out what’s going to happen to both Hana and Setsuna.

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