Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara: Episode 13 – “If His Flag Breaks”

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara focuses on a boy named Sota Hatate, who has an ability to see flags over people’s heads and know how they’re feeling or what will happen to them. He also knows what he needs to do to break the flag over someone’s head. In the first episode, he meets Nanami and Akane at Hatagaya Academy. At the end of the first episode, Sota sees a death flag over Akane’s head; however, he’s unable to make it break. He decides he has to change the flag, so he kisses her to change it to a conquest flag. The stage is set for the beginning of a harem. In Episode Two, Sota’s old friend Okiku returns, and becomes the “big sister” type for his harem. A boy named Megumu is also introduced, but he’s constantly mistaken for a girl because of how he looks.

At the beginning of Episode 13, the members of the harem start taking on the cyberspace creatures in order to help Sota. Suddenly, the boat that’s there starts absorbing the cyberspace creatures to power up. It lifts out of the water, and wings and a halo of light appear on the boat. It truly becomes an “Angel Boat.”

The boat fires its guns and shoots down the members of the harem. An upset Sota wonders if he can do something. He realizes that there’s a special death flag there that he can use. As he reaches that conclusion, he remembers what actually happened on the Premium Ambriel. He was traveling on the boat with some of the members of the harem (Nanami, Akane, Megumu, and Rin) when it was attacked. As they try to escape, Sota sees someone who looks like Sakura and tries to save her; the girl he saves is actually Laplace’s Demon. Sota finds himself trapped in some rubble that falls on him, and after some time, the harem members and some guys arrive. As they try to lift the rubble off of Sota, a pillar starts falling.

Laplace’s Demon is able to freeze time and tells Sota he can save them. She shows him the death flags and explains what they are. She says he can alter their fate if he collects everyone’s death flag into one and carry their fate for them. He agrees to do this, and is informed as he gathers the death flags that this event will be erased from the others’ memories and that he will never have met them.

When we return to the battle in cyberspace, Sota launches an attack on the boat. His life isn’t enough to defeat the boat. However, he finds himself being joined by the harem, and they are able to defeat the Angel Boat.

The remainder of the episode sees Sota returning to the real world, learn what happened in the real world, and learn the identity of Number Zero.

So Episode 13 continued in the strange and hard to follow vein of the previous two episodes. While this episode finally answered the question of how Sota truly acquired the ability to see the flags, I still found myself still feeling as if I had more questions than answers at the end of the episode. The ending also felt rather vague.

We also never received a definitive answer when it comes to Megumu. Is Megumu a boy that looks like a girl, or is Megumu really a girl trying to disguise as a boy? There were hints that Megumu was really a girl, but no definitive answer was given either way.

And now that I’ve finished Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara, I find myself regretting having ever started it. The first episode had shown so much promise, but after the first two or three episodes, the series devolved into a typical harem anime. But then with Episode 11, it suddenly became a sci-fi concept that appeared to be based around The Matrix. The elements that led up to the conclusion were ultimately a convoluted mess, and they didn’t come together in a satisfactory manner.

At this point, I’m definitely not in a hurry to ever watch Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara ever again. It was ultimately a series that showed some promise early on, but ended up falling flat on its face by the time it ended.

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