Episode 38 focuses on the race to the finish line for the second day of the Inter-High. First, we see what led up to the members of the Hakone Academy team who had been left behind catching up with the rest of the team, since this was hinted at when Episode 37 ended.

When the other members of Hakone Academy catch up to Fukutomi and Toudou, Midousuji still feels really confident that Kyoto Fushimi will easily take the finish line at the second day of the Inter-High. Midousuji begins his usual taunting, but Fukutomi points out that it’s not just them competing for the second day finish line. Midousuji freaks out when he sees the Sohoku team suddenly appear behind them and catch up.

Fukutomi and Kinjou exchange some words, and Fukutomi wonders how Sohoku intends to compete for the finish line when their team is obviously exhausted. The battle is on during the last six kilometers, and it appears the race is going to be between Hakone Academy and Sohoku. Unfortunately, it sounds like Kyoto Fushimi might have a trick up their sleeve.

I’m glad to see that Sohoku beat the odds and was able to catch up with Hakone Academy and Kyoto Fushimi. Unfortunately, the second day of the Inter-High is not resolved at the end of this episode. It ends as the teams are reaching the point where there’s only four kilometers left until the finish line. When I realized that the episode was ending at that point, I said out loud to my computer screen, “Oh, you did NOT just do that!”

Well, darn it. I guess I was wrong when I thought that the second day of the race would be resolved at the end of this episode. And since there won’t be more episodes until Fall 2014, I’ll have to wait about three months in order to find out how the Inter-High will continue. Nooooo! I’m going to go through Yowamushi Pedal withdrawal until it comes back in the fall! And hopefully the burning question of who will win the second day of the Inter-High will be answered when it comes back!

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