Episode 13 has a strong focus on Baku and Kumiko. As they talk, it’s obvious the two of them care for each other. Kumiko also makes it clear that she thinks that being engaged to Haruhiko, one of the members of the yakuza, is a nightmare. Haruhiko overhears this conversation and plots to have Baku killed.

Meanwhile, Teppei and Daichi are having target practice with conventional guns. Teppei does well, but Daichi doesn’t. There’s a discussion about the Livlaster, and we learn that both Teppei and Daichi say it feels natural to have the Livlaster, like it’s a part of you. During practice, the Vice Captain’s phone rings. It’s Akari, informing them that Hana has had another premonition that a Machine Goodfellow will activate that night.

That night at Baku’s match, Haruhiko and one of his cronies try to kill Baku. However, when he hears Kumiko scream, he’s able to punch and kick both of his assailants and get to where Kumiko is. He discovers that she’s being held by Amarok, Malkin, and Zin. They say they’ll let Kumiko go if Baku does as they say. He complies, and Malkin kisses him. Baku’s memories are reawakened. This scene also reveals a truth about Kumiko and the members of the Asanoda Yakuza, and the aftermath of this truth is what pushes Baku to join up with Amarok and the others.

Of the backstories for the engineered children, I think the one for Baku/Bugbear was by far the strongest one. I was actually a little sad when the truth about Kumiko was revealed, because I knew that at that point, Baku would officially join up with the other engineered children.

This episode has a focus on the designer children’s singularities. Even though Daichi isn’t one of the engineered children, Teppei keeps insisting that Daichi has some kind of singularity. This is starting to make me wonder if perhaps these conversations are trying to drop hints that there may be more to Daichi than we realize. Of course, this could also be a “red herring” to make us think there’s something more to this dialogue than what we see on the surface.

At this point, the engineered children still need to track down Setsuna. From what I saw for the preview for Episode 14, it looks like the Midsummer’s Knights are going to be taking a vacation, but that the engineered children will be doing something that throws them off guard. So it looks like Setsuna’s not going to be the focus of Episode 14. Maybe we’ll return to her in Episode 15? I just hope she doesn’t end up being a loose thread that’s left hanging for a while.

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