At the beginning of Episode 12, Nike tries to talk to her grandmother before she and Livius leave to return to the Sun Kingdom. However, her grandmother won’t give her an audience and tries to keep herself locked behind a door. Nike insists on saying what she has to say through the closed door. Nike leaves, but Livius has a few things to say to Nike’s grandmother before leaving.

When they’re on the boat heading back to the Sun Kingdom, Nike’s grandmother suddenly appears and starts singing the Farewell Rain song in the old language. This is a very emotional moment for Nike, but Livius is understanding and encourages her to cry.

When Nike and Livius return to the Sun Kingdom, they find there’s a lot of chaos that was allowed to happen because Bard had been left in charge. Livius now has a mess to clean up and things to do, and it’s up to Nike to entertain any visitors that come to call. All of this work keeps the two of them away from each other, and this becomes the longest time that the two of them have spent apart. We see Nike looking sad and feeling alone.

I believe that the way the story arc came to an end with Nike’s grandmother was the most realistic way to bring it to an end. While she may not still agree with Nike’s decision, she shows that she still loves her granddaughter.

I did feel bad for Nike when they returned to the Sun Kingdom and she suddenly found herself apart from Livius for an extended time. While the two of them were in the Principality of Rain, they had become a lot closer, so to suddenly be apart after that took its toll on her emotionally. At the end of the episode, though, Livius shows up on a white horse. We see the two of them finally showing true affection to each other. This was a really sweet way to end the series, and it shows how much their relationship evolved over the course of it.

Overall, The World is Still Beautiful is a sweet series, and I enjoyed watching it from week to week. The only real issue I had is when it was glossed over in the episodes that introduced Bard that Nike had been ordered to go to the dungeon, but for whatever reason, she never went. Livius’ temper was definitely out of control, and that was definitely not one of the sweeter moments of the series. I really enjoyed Nike as a character, and Livius’ evolution as a character was pretty decent.

With the way The World is Still Beautiful ended, though, I really don’t see that a second season will ever happen. The point of the story was how the relationship between Nike and Livius evolved from being an antagonistic one to one where they truly cared for one another. Since the relationship has finished its evolution, there’s not much else that can be done with the story as it was told in the anime. The only real thing I can think of is the fact that it was mentioned in Episode 11 that Nike has an immense power that could be dangerous, and then this fact was never mentioned or touched on at all in Episode 12. However, if there turns out to ever be a second season of The World is Still Beautiful, I’d definitely watch it. But, at this point, I’m not expecting one.

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