Episode 12 introduces Baku, the last of the Machine Goodfellow pilots that Amarok and Malkin are looking for. He’s under the employ of the Asanoda Yakuza, where he fights in unauthorized fighting tournaments in an illegal underground arena. Any money he makes goes to the yakuza. This is the same yakuza that was using Zin in an earlier episode. However, unlike Zin, Baku has a friendship with the daughter of the leader of the yakuza.

While the Midsummer’s Knights are out in the town trying to find anything unusual, the Vice Captain calls and provides them with information about the illegal underground arena, unaware that there’s a connection with a Machine Goodfellow pilot. Thanks to disguises and a bribe from Akari, they’re able to infiltrate the arena.

Amarok suddenly appears and challenges Baku to a match. Amarok is able to get a hold of him and say something about playing like this when they were younger. Amarok also starts calling Baku by his actual name, Bugbear. Bugbear? Really? At least the other engineered children had good names.

Baku starts seeing glimpses of memories, but he’s able to get away before Amarok can reawaken him. He later encounters Malkin, but he tells her he doesn’t want them destroying who he is now. But before Malkin can do anything, Baku is able to get away from her.

The Midsummer’s Knights also realize that if Amarok showed up here, that Baku must be the last of the engineered children that they’re looking for.

It’s kind of interesting that so far, we now have two of the engineered children that haven’t been easily converted. In Setsuna’s case, her memory was awakened by someone other than Amarok or Malkin, and she managed to get away before they could find her. In Baku’s case, he’s resisting their attempts to awaken his memory because he doesn’t want them destroying who he is now.

And it was interesting to see that the Asanoda Yakuza had a connection with another one of the engineered children. It was also nice to see Zin again in this episode, as well. But it still doesn’t answer the question of where he and the others keep disappearing to. And so far, Zin is the only one to appear in more than one episode. Hopefully the other engineered children that have been awakened with Amarok and Malkin will start making more appearances as we get into the second half of the series.

To me, Baku seems to be the most interesting of the engineered children that we’ve met, and I’m glad to see his story will be continuing in Episode 12. At this point, it looks like Amarok and Malkin still need try to get Baku and Setsuna to join them, and this could take up a little bit of time. But where the series will go after that, I have no idea.

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