At the beginning of Episode 11, Nike is frantically trying to escape from the tower she’s been locked up in. Kitora opens the door and sees that Nike is injured. He doesn’t want to see her injure herself anymore, so he hands her the key and tells her where to go in order to escape. After escaping from the tower, Nike finds Livius after his fight with her Grandmother.

As Livius is healing, Nike, her sisters, and Neil are summoned away. After they leave, Livius is taken by a woman in a cloak and her attendants. It turns out the woman is Nike’s mother, and she has a discussion with him about Nike. When Livius says he wants to be with Nike and will protect her, Nike’s mother presents him with an outfit to wear for an engagement celebration. Looking at both Livius’ and Nike’s outfits for the engagement celebration, they really reminded me of the clothing styles that I’ve seen in the A Bride’s Story manga series.

The engagement celebration is a raucous affair, but we learn that both Nike’s grandmother and Kitora have chosen not to attend. We see Kitora is outside in the rain, watching what’s going on at the celebration. Later, Livius finds Kitora and the two have a confrontation.

One of my favorite parts of this episode was getting to see Nike’s mother, especially since it had been said in Episode 10 that she was in poor health. At first, it appeared that her mother was going to be like some of the others and demand that Livius break things off with Nike, but it was great when she brought out the outfit for him and refer to him as her son-in-law. But during their conversation, we learn that Nike has inherited a secret art that can only be inherited by the greatest singer in the Principality, and that its power defies imagining. With how late this revelation has been made, will it play any part in the next episode? It’s the only chance at this point, since Episode 12 is the last episode of the series.

I’m not surprised that Nike’s grandmother and Kitora chose not to attend the celebration, but I also wasn’t surprised to see Kitora watching from a distance. The most surprising part of the episode to me was what happens after the confrontation between Kitora and Livius. It almost seemed like they were bonding as they talked about Nike’s faults!

The preview for Episode 12 doesn’t really show much of anything, except for Nike sitting next to a window in a castle, looking sad as it rains. The only audio we hear is Nike saying “Livi” in a rather sad tone. Are they still in the Principality of Rain in Episode 12, or have they headed back to the Sun Kingdom? And why does Nike look sad? And why is she saying Livius’ name so sadly? I guess I’ll have to watch Episode 12 in order to find out what that preview is hinting at.

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