Episode 11 starts off where Episode 10 ended with the confrontation with Hiiyo. After Hiiyo gets a couple of hits and kicks in on Juugo, Ikkyu jumps in with a gun that has rubber bullets. Unfortunately, instead of having any more action, there’s a lot of talking that takes place between Hiiyo and Ikkyu. Through some smooth talking and bluffing, Ikkyu is able to convince Hiiyo to stop fighting with them. As Hiiyo is leaving, he is approached by Isshin, and the two of them have a conversation that ends with Isshin saying that his goal is to surpass everyone.

Ikkyu gets the Nanana’s Collection treasure and makes a bet with Nanana about whether or not Juugo will take it and use it if he’s told it’s called “You Can See Things That Happened in the Past.” Ikkyu ends up winning the bet because Juugo refuses to take and use it. After Ikkyu wins, she reveals to Juugo what the treasure really is.

Juugo wonders if Nanana really wants to move on or not, so he decides to ask her. She tries to be coy and tells him that it’s up to him. He challenges her to a fight: if he wins, she tells him what she wants, and if she wins, things stay the same. During the fight, Juugo says things that cause Nanana to forfeit, and then she reveals her true thoughts to him.

Then, we get the ending credits, where there’s various shots of things that would be taking place after where the episode ended. Near the end, there’s a shot of Hiiyo chained up. And then after the credits, there’s a short scene of Isshin holding Yun’s card and it appears to have blood on it, and then we see Yun looking hypnotized and saying that she doesn’t want to die.

On the one hand, it almost feels like this could be a setup for a second season. But on another, it almost felt like they were trying to throw a few tidbits out there to give a feel for where the story is supposed to go because there’s no plans to continue the series. Either way, I didn’t feel that the ending was very strong.

I have to say that this episode felt rather anticlimactic and boring, due to the fact that so much time was spent on characters talking to each other and not having much going on in the way of action. I had honestly expected a major action sequence with Hiiyo and the Adventure Club at Southred Mall, and this episode didn’t deliver on that expectation. I went into this episode with low expectations, but I felt the episode didn’t even deliver on my low expectations.

Now that I’ve finished the series, I have to say it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped when I first started watching it. As the series went on, it seemed to lose its focus as various characters and concepts were added to the series. While the characters from Matsuri and their organization seemed to be important early on, those characters and the organization basically disappeared by the end. The last time we saw Yukihime and her partner was a brief shot of them in Episode 11 when they were in the mall at the same time as Juugo.

I wouldn’t say that Nanana’s Buried Treasure was the worst anime series that I watched during the Spring 2014 series, but I also can’t say it’s among the best, either. For me, it was ultimately a series that had a lot of potential that was never realized due to decisions that were made in regards to the storytelling. And I have to say that if it turns out that Nanana’s Buried Treasure gets a second season, I would have no desire to watch it due to the various issues I had with the storytelling of this series.

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