Chaika – The Coffin Princess: Episode 11 – “The False Princess”

Chaika – The Coffin Princess is set on the continent of Verbist. Five years prior to the beginning of the series, Arthur Gaz of the Gaz Empire had fallen, and his daughter Chaika escaped and is on the run. In the first episode, a saboteur named Toru meets Chaika, who can use magic and goes around with a coffin on her back. Toru, along with his younger sister, Akari, travel with Chaika as she tries to gather the remains of her father, Arthur Gaz.

In Episode 11, Toru ends up having to fight with a hypnotized Akari. During their fight, they are discovered by Vivi and Zita. When Toru falls, he is rescued by the two ladies. They end up having to form an uneasy alliance in order to find Toru’s friends and to make their escape from the flying fortress before the punitive forces arrive to attack the fortress.

Ricardo and Grad launch their plan, which includes directing the fortress toward Cadwell, the capital of the Wiemac Empire. Gillette is heading off to the punitive forces in an attempt to keep them from attacking until Vivi and Zita can escape. After seeing the fortress’ movement, a couple of Gillette’s men also start heading toward the punitive forces to warn them.

Chaika also discovers that Layla, the girl who had separated her from Toru, isn’t what she claimed. She turns out to be another Chaika, one that’s clad in blue. She informs Chaika that all of the Chaikas are actually tools that are being used to collect Gaz’s remains and that she isn’t the real Chaika. But Chaika doesn’t want to believe it. Layla says that after she learned the truth, she has refused to be Chaika and is using Gaz’s remains to power the fortress until they’re used up as revenge against those who orchestrated this whole thing. Fredrica makes an appearance during this exchange, and it appears Fredrica ends up being eaten by some creature.

There was a lot of exposition in this episode, especially during the scenes with Layla and Chaika. Of course, the big question at the end of it is whether or not Layla is telling the truth. If she is, what effect will this have on the girl that we’ve come to know as Chaika?

I’m sure it hasn’t been easy for Toru to have to fight against Akari, so I’m hoping he can find a way to free her from the magic that’s hypnotizing her. And is Fredrica really dead, or has she somehow survived?

There’s only one more episode left of Chaika – The Coffin Princess for this season, but more episodes will begin airing in Fall 2014. At this point, it feels like this episode is trying to set up something major to happen. However, I have a feeling that the “something major” won’t actually take place in Episode 12, and I’m going to predict that the next episode is going to end on some kind of cliffhanger to make the audience want to come back in Fall 2014 to find out what happens. I’ll be interested to see if I’m right.

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