Unplugged Expo 2014 Announces Anime Guests

Unplugged Expo 2014 has announced some anime guests for its upcoming convention:

  • Johnny Yong Bosch – The voice of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, and has just been announced as the voice of Nobita in Doraemon. He will also be part of Unplugged Expo’s celebration of the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers.
  • Barbara Radecki – The voice of Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon
  • Sabrina Grdevich – The voice of Sailor Pluto and Ann from Sailor Moon R
  • Caitlynne Medrek – The voice of Pan from Dragon Ball GT and Mikoto Minagi from My-Hime

Unplugged Expo will be taking place September 27-28, 2014 at the Chestnut Conference Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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