Episode 11 is split into two vignettes. The first one has a focus on Sayaka, who receives an unexpected visit from Miharu Tsuneda, a friend from junior high school. There’s a high school reunion event in the area, and Miharu wanted to see Sayaka. Miharu got her address from Sayaka’s mom. Miharu ends up forcing Sayaka to let her see and stay at the Kawai Complex. While she’s there, she reveals various embarrassing things about Sayaka from the time they spent together in junior high. Miharu passes out after getting drunk, and Sayaka helps Miharu with her makeup the next day for the reunion event.

Overall, this particular vignette did next to nothing for progressing the overarching story of Kazunari and Ritsu. I haven’t been much of a fan of Sayaka prior to this episode, and this vignette didn’t really do much to improve my opinion of her. Fans of Sayaka will probably have a greater appreciation for this vignette than I did.

The second vignette focuses on Ritsu, and this one is very important for progressing the overarching story. At the school library, Ritsu is approached by a girl named Maemura who claims she’s also a reader, although she tends to focus on reading romance books. Ritsu and Maemura give each other book recommendations, and they seem to hit it off. Kazunari becomes a little jealous.

However, Maemura begins texting Ritsu constantly, which is keeping her from being able to progress in a book that she’s been enjoying. Later, Maemura invites Ritsu to join her at a gathering of book lovers. At first, Ritsu doesn’t want to do it; however, Maemura convinces her to go. When Ritsu goes, she discovers that Maemura has actually invited her to a mixer. Sayaka sees Ritsu and the other girls talking with some guys by the train station, and she relays this to Kazunari. Kazunari realizes what’s going on and isn’t happy.

From what I saw in the preview for Episode 12, the fact that Ritsu unwittingly went to a mixer and Kazunari’s feelings about this are going to play an important role. The preview also confirms that Episode 12 is the final episode of the series.

But what a way to end the second-to-last episode! At this point, I’m having a hard time seeing Kazunari and Ritsu starting a relationship before the end of the series, especially with this whole mixer fiasco thrown in. One episode won’t be enough to resolve that issue. I can see the two of them ultimately being friends at the conclusion of Episode 12, but nothing more than that. And Kazunari himself admits in his thoughts that since he first met Ritsu, he may be closer physically, but the emotional distance seems to have grown and shrunk in turn.

It’ll be interesting to see how The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior will ultimately come to an end.

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