Brynhildr in the Darkness: Episode 11 – “A Sudden Reunion”

Episode 11 introduces another witch named Hatsuna, who has regenerative powers that keep her from dying. She was part of the group with Valkyria. She pretends to be dead as Valkyria uses antimatter to attack police officers and creates a huge explosion that causes over 100 people to be dead or missing. Ichijiku, who is in charge of the witches at the lab, is reprimanded by his superiors for allowing Valkyria outside, because they can’t quietly handle the situation due to the explosion. Later, we see Ichijiku approaching Valkyria and scolding her. However, she gets back on his good side when she reports that she’s located Kuroha and the others.

Hatsuna finds her way to the observatory, and the other witches know her. After learning about Murakami from the others, she decides to put him to the test to see if he’s really as good of a guy as he claims to be. His actions not only prove that he’s a good guy, but it also causes Hatsuna to become interested in him.

Later, Kogoro asks Murakami to come see him. He seems to have figured out that the witches melt due to the formation in their bodies of a digestive enzyme called “protease,” and that the pills may have an effect of stopping the enzyme. He says that someone he knew back in school wrote their thesis on protease, and that he can build on this analytical data to create a pill and that it can be completed within a month. Unfortunately, the witches only have enough for a week with the five of them who are now at the observatory. Kogoro says Murakami will have to make a choice. After Murakami leaves, we learn the protease thesis was written by Ichijiku.

When Murakami returns to the observatory, he relays what he learned to the witches. They decide they should give all of the remaining pills to one of them so she can stay alive. They debate who should get them, but the discussion doesn’t yield results. The remainder of the episode sees Murakami finally getting confirmation that Kuroha is really Kuroneko, and a surprise that takes place right at the end of the episode.

Surprisingly enough, during the conversation that the witches have about who should get the remaining pills, Murakami remembers he has the device he got from Kuroha in his pocket. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t do anything with it. But with how the episode ends, I’m wondering if it truly matters any more or not.

It looks like there should be two episodes remaining for Brynhildr in the Darkness, and it appears the final confrontation will begin in Episode 12. Will this final confrontation take both episodes, or will the final episode simply exist to wrap up the loose ends?

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One comment

  1. medievalotaku · June 24, 2014

    Just two more episodes? Man, they really messed up the pacing then. The confrontation between Kuroneko and Valkyria itself should take two episodes, not including the exciting things which happen shortly before it.

    I guess an animation studio has given us another slipshod presentation of a Lynn Okamoto’s manga.

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