Episode 11 introduces the audience to Setsuna, a girl who is under the care of Professor Mao, the professor that appeared in Episode 10. We also meet Lappa, a pink squirrel that’s like Pitz. Later, Akari and Hana encounter her when they go to hang out at a nearby indoor pool.

Rita, the Vice Captain, goes to interview a bartender who had been a police officer during the Kanda incident and had been on the task force for it. She’s there in the guise of a reporter. There’s a lengthy scene here that does a bit of “info dumping” in regards to the engineered children and the Kanda incident.

Amarok and Malkin are out looking for Siren-sama, who turns out to be Setsuna. Before they can get to her, they encounter Daichi and Teppei, who are checking out the location they believe they’ll find the next engineered child that they’re looking for. Daichi and Teppei work together when they’re attacked by Amarok and Malkin.

Unaware of what’s going on outside, Mao conducts her experiment, which is to turn Setsuna into her personal vessel to send pieces of her mind to her in order to become immortal. When Mao kisses Setsuna, she sees Mao’s true motives and pushes her away. As Setsuna escapes, Mao is surprised by an unexpected visitor.

In addition to the Kanda incident “info dumping,” there was also a flashback sequence of Amarok and Malkin from when they were younger. Overall, Episode 11 was definitely more of an exposition episode than having a lot of action. Even without having as much action, the overall story still progressed. However, at the end, we see Setsuna wandering around aimlessly with Lappa.

Also, it seems like the other designer children outside of Amarok and Malkin have basically disappeared after the episode they were introduced in. The only exception was Zin, but even he disappeared after two episodes. What’s happened to these other designer children, since they don’t seem to be traveling with Amarok and Malkin to help awaken the remaining ones? Are they at some central location, have they wandered off, or have the writers forgotten about them?

According to the preview for the next episode, Amarok and Malkin are going to be tracking down the second male Machine Goodfellow pilot. And from the preview, there’s no mistaking the gender, because the gender will be playing an important role in the story. From what was established back in Episode Eight, he should be the last of the Machine Goodfellow pilots that still needs to be awakened. Once they have all been awakened, where will the story go from there, since this series is supposed to have 25 episodes?

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