Manga Review: Case Closed Volume 15

High school student Jimmy Kudo is a teen detective who was shrunk down to his first grade self after being caught by a crime organization and forced to take an experimental poison. Unknown to the criminals, Jimmy survived. In order to hide this fact, Jimmy takes on the identity of Conan Edogawa, and claims to be the relative of family friend Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Jimmy lives with his friend Rachel Moore and her bumbling private investigator father, Richard. However, Rachel doesn’t know Conan’s true identity. As Conan, Jimmy has been able to covertly help Richard solve the cases that come his way.

Case Closed Volume 15
Written by: Gosho Aoyama
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: January 16, 2007

Volume 15 opens with the conclusion of the ski trip mystery that focuses on Conan, Rachel, Serena, and the teachers they’re with at the rental cabin. After they discover that one of the teachers has been murdered, the race is on to find the murderer. It’s up to Conan to crack the case, since the police can’t make it due to the blizzard. When he discovers the answer, he has to communicate his findings through Rachel, and it’s an answer that she doesn’t want to hear. At the end of this mystery, I felt so bad for Rachel because of how her faith in someone she believed in was shaken immensely.

The next mystery involves the duo Two Mix. When Conan and the members of the Junior Detective League accidentally bumps into one of the members near a crowd waiting for their concert, she takes them out to eat to keep them quiet. They learn that Minami’s partner has gone missing and he’s not answering his phone. After she plays a demo tape for them, Minami receives a phone call at the restaurant’s payphone from her partner. He’s been kidnapped, and Minami also ends up being kidnapped. Conan and the Junior Detective League end up helping the police with this case…

This is followed by a mystery where Richard and his mahjong buddies discover that one of their friends who plays with them was murdered at his office. Conan and Rachel were at the mahjong parlor, so they’re also around when the body is discovered. It’s a “locked room” murder, and Conan has to figure out how one of the suspects committed the murder.

The final chapter of Volume 15 begins the next mystery, which will continue in Volume 16. The chairman of the Nagado Financial Group has requested Richard’s help to find his first long-lost love. Harley is there as well, and before too long, a murder takes place…

I was familiar with all of these mysteries from watching the Case Closed television anime series. Even though I may have already been familiar with these stories, I found them just as enjoyable reading them in the manga as they were when I saw them in the anime for the first time.

My favorite mystery that appeared in this volume was the one involving Two Mix. I’m a fan of music-related things, so it’s a story that incorporates the music element with the mystery. I also like something really clever that Conan does during the course of this particular mystery. The other mysteries were good, too, but they didn’t leave as strong of an impression on me as the Two Mix story did.

Aoyama’s storytelling continues to keep me interested and engaged in the mysteries that he tells. At this point, I find myself not feeling like the mysteries have become formulaic or stale. I really enjoy Case Closed, and I’m looking forward to reading Volume 16.

If you’ve read and enjoyed previous volumes of Case Closed, then I think you’ll enjoy reading Volume 15.

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