Episode 10 sees Juugo and the other members of the Adventure Club using the hint that Nanana gave to Juugo to track down a key and the location where the keyhole is hidden. They discover these things when it’s broad daylight, so Isshin says they should come back to the mall after it closes that night.

When they return that night, they use the key and enter a passageway. When they reach a door, they find zodiac symbols; however, there are 13 of them. When Isshin opens the door, they see the treasure chest across the room. However, the floor gives way and the treasure chest falls to the floor, and the beams fall in a way it looks like there’s some way down. Juugo is reckless and is nearly struck by several spikes. Ikkyuu figures out the way down and explains it. However, she falls. Luckily, she falls on a beam that doesn’t have spikes. Juugo carries her down the rest of the way to the bottom, and they are joined by the others.

They discover that a puzzle serves as a lock on the chest. Just as Ikkyuu begins trying to solve the puzzle, Hiiyo appears. There’s a major confrontation that happens for the remainder of the episode between the Adventure Club and Hiiyo. Not only are there physical confrontations, but several revelations are also made. And Hiiyo continues acting like a total asshole throughout this whole thing. He’s really a character I’ve come to love to hate.

It turns out I was right that the series is ending with a major confrontation between the Adventure Club and Hiiyo at the Southred Mall. The confrontation will definitely continue in Episode 11, and since that’s supposed to be the last episode, it should conclude. However, at this point, it’s looking more and more like the plot point about Juugo tracking down Nanana’s killer is going to end up being ignored completely. Honestly, I don’t see a way for all of the remaining loose ends to be resolved satisfactorily within 22-23 minutes.

I’ll be watching Episode 11, but at this point, I’m not going into it with high hopes. I’m hoping that I’ll be proven wrong, though.

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