Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara: Episode 10 – “Hold This for Me. The Winner of the Beauty Contest is Written Here.”

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara focuses on a boy named Sota Hatate, who has an ability to see flags over people’s heads and know how they’re feeling or what will happen to them. He also knows what he needs to do to break the flag over someone’s head. In the first episode, he meets Nanami and Akane at Hatagaya Academy. At the end of the first episode, Sota sees a death flag over Akane’s head. However, he’s unable to make it break. He decides he has to change the flag, so he kisses her to change it to a conquest flag. The stage is set for the beginning of a harem. In Episode Two, Sota’s old friend Okiku returns, and becomes the “big sister” type for his harem. A boy named Megumu is also introduced, but he’s constantly mistaken for a girl because of how he looks.

Hakua officially becomes a member of Sota’s class at the beginning of Episode 10. This episode is also basically this series’ school festival episode, and it has a focus on the beauty pageant that opens the festival. It turns out that nine of the residents of Quest Dorm are entering the beauty pageant, and they ask Sota to nominate them all: Akane, Rin, Okiku, Mimori, Ruri, Mei, Hakua, Megumu, and Nanami. In Nanami’s case, she really didn’t want to enter, but the others pressured her into it.

The most important part of the episode is about halfway through, when Sota is thinking about his death flag and how he can’t get the fairy tale out of his head. He mulls over the fact that he found things that he thought were clues and he thought they would work, but nothing did. He starts feeling down and is having a hard time having fun. The only other important part of the episode is dialogue that Nanami says to Sota during the beauty pageant, which Sota has been forced to be on the judging panel for.

And I can’t forget that a new character makes a brief appearance right at the end of the episode. From what I saw in the preview for Episode 11, it looks like this new character will be playing an important role.

Unfortunately, the little bit we got with Sota and the flags didn’t make up for all of the ridiculous crap that was in the episode surrounding the beauty pageant. They ended up doing a bunch of ridiculous things during the pageant, and also included a “fanservice” moment of turning the swimsuit competition into a wet T-shirt swimsuit competition.

For the most part, this episode felt like a waste of time. There’s still so many questions that haven’t been answered, and with only three episodes remaining, I have a feeling that the rest of the story will end up having to be rushed because enough time has been wasted over the course of this series on the harem aspect of the series instead of focusing on the overarching story of Sota and the flags. Hopefully there won’t be any more time wasting episodes before this series ends…

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