Riddle Story of Devil: Episode 10 – “Who Is the Queen?”

At the beginning of Episode 10, Hanabusa hands Haru a black envelope, which Tokaku opens. She claims that it’s not an advance notice, that it’s just an invitation for a tea party. Tokaku doesn’t believe it, though, and counsels Haru to be careful. Haru, however, wants to try to have a straight conversation with Hanabusa to see if she can get Hanabusa to give up on trying to assassinate her.

Before the tea party takes place, Takechi escapes from where the losers of the game are being housed and tries to go after Haru. She’s caught by Hanabusa, who is easily able to destroy Takechi’s weapon.

Haru and Tokaku go to where the tea party is being held, which is a room on the top floor that Hanabusa has gotten permission from the school to use and renovate for the party. They discover that the other “guests” of the party include Takechi (who is bound in a straightjacket and gagged) and puppet versions of the other former classmates. Hanabusa reveals her true self, and tries to separate Tokaku and Haru with a special bulletproof glass wall that comes down. Tokaku is able to lasso Hanabusa and trap her on the same side as herself before the wall comes down.

A major fight takes place at this point, and the conclusion of the fight is rather surprising…

I’m willing to say that, as expected, Hanabusa is taken down by the end of the episode. However, I’m not going to say how she was taken down in order to avoid providing a “spoiler.” Let’s just say that you might find yourself feeling a little proud about one of the characters for her actions that causes Hanabusa’s downfall.

There was also a scene in here where the teacher for Black Class goes to see the Chairwoman and asks if its due to his incompetence that the students are transferring out one after another. When the Chairwoman tells him it’s not his fault and that he is the best possible teacher for the class, his relief feels almost comical. However, when you realize just how much this poor guy has been getting duped throughout the series, you find yourself feeling sorry for the guy and not finding his relief as comical as you normally might have otherwise.

The concept of the “queen bee” was mentioned several times in this episode, especially by Hanabusa. Tokaku was confused about it, and I’m still feeling just about as confused about it as I did when I heard the reference in an earlier episode.

But now that it’s down to just Nio, Haru, and Tokaku, and there’s supposed to still be three episodes remaining, I’m curious to see what will happen in the remaining episodes in order to wrap up the series.

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