In Episode 10, Kazunari arrives for work at the café, and he finds that the owner has bought some bookcases at an antique shop and is filling them with old books. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough books to fill up the shelves. All of the books she has are old, and she doesn’t want to include newer books because they would look out of place. Kazunari remembers that Ritsu has older books in her bookshelves, and asks if the café can borrow them. Ritsu agrees.

Hayashi, the ghost whisperer girl Kazunari knew from junior high who treated him really badly in Episode Eight, comes to the café to apologize to him. He accepts the apology. Hayashi meets Kazunari’s co-worker who believes in guardian spirits, and Hayashi falls for him. She starts spending more time at the café, and it’s obvious to the audience and most of the cast that Ritsu’s feeling jealous.

Later in the episode, Chinatsu makes a return. She comes to Shirosaki for some help to get her summer project done. Shirosaki, Chinatsu, Ritsu, and Mayumi work together to make shiny mud balls. The conversation turns to love, and Chinatsu tells Ritsu she should date Kazunari because she can tell that he likes her. Ritsu insists that he’s just used to taking care of people who are a little strange. After Chinatsu hears about Hayashi, she deduces that Ritsu is mad at Kazunari for spending time with other girls.

I have to say that while I’m glad to see that Hayashi apologized to Kazunari for her behavior earlier, I think he did seem to forgive her a little too easily. However, he does admit to himself in thought that he’d be lying if he said he didn’t harbor any ill feelings. And as soon as Hayashi started talking to Kazunari’s co-worker, I could tell right away that she would be impressed with his talk of guardian spirits. While she may have changed how she looks on the outside, Hayashi still has an interest in the ghosts and spirits that captivated her back in middle school.

I liked how Chinatsu, the elementary school student, could bluntly tell Ritsu about Kazunari’s feelings. While the adults around her knew what was going on, they would tiptoe around it. Unfortunately, Ritsu didn’t seem to believe Chinatsu, though, and also seems to be trying to deny to herself that she has any romantic interest in Kazunari.

At this point, there’s supposed to be two episodes remaining for The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, and it’s going to be interesting to see whether Ritsu and Kazunari do end up becoming a couple by the end of the series, or if the conclusion is done in such a way where they may not necessarily become a couple, but they do become rather close friends. While I hope for the actual romantic relationship to blossom, I know that from the way the story has progressed up to this point, that this kind of ending may not happen. I just hope that however the series ends, I’ll be satisfied with the ending.

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