Episode 10 introduces a girl named Lin who rides motorcycles and is able to ride as if she’s riding the wind. It turns out that Lin is a test subject for a scientist that’s doing research on the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation to control the dreams of sleeping research subjects. One day, while the scientist is conducting an experiment on Lin, Amarok and Malkin enter the lab. Amarok is able to reach Lin and kiss her, which causes her to reawaken her Kiltgang memories and remember that she is Lieban.

The Midsummer’s Knights are also in the area, because Pitz has predicted that another Machine Goodfellow will activate in the area that night. Teppei isn’t with them, though, because he’s doing testing back at Tanegashima to determine the abilities of both himself and his Livlaster.

Amarok, Malkin, and Lieban see Daichi roaming around, and Lieban follows him into an aquarium. She tries to have a philosophical talk with Daichi, but when she doesn’t like his responses, she tries to attack. Daichi, a former track athlete, is able to get away.

Lieban activates her Machine Goodfellow. Daichi goes to battle her in the Earth Engine Ordinary, but she’s able to transform into a Kiltgang because Daichi can’t get the head off of her mecha in time. It’s up to Teppei to go after Lieban in a mecha called the Nebula Engine Ordinary.

It turns out I made a mistake in Lin/Lieban’s gender when I saw the preview for this episode last week and wrote about it in the writeup for Episode Nine. Oops! So we still have the second male pilot and I believe at least more besides him.

This is actually an important episode for Teppei. Both in Episode Nine and at the beginning of this episode, Teppei is feeling down because he believes that he’s the only one that’s not helping the team. But having the opportunity to use the Nebula Engine Ordinary and do what he can to repel Lieban becomes proof to Teppei that he does have a purpose for being part of the Midsummer’s Knights.

There’s also a very sweet, yet humorous scene that takes place between Daichi and Hana early on in Episode 10. I believe it’s being hinted that there could potentially be a romantic interest brewing between Daichi and Hana.

The preview for Episode 11 features the scientist we were introduced to in this episode, along with a character who was introduced right at the end of Episode 10. From what was shown at the end of this episode, there could be some very interesting elements that could be added to the story. I’m curious to see Episode 11 and find out how these new elements and developments will have an impact on the series moving forward.

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