At the beginning of Episode Nine, the Sun Kingdom is hosting a big conference, and Livius and Nike are busy having to have audiences with the royalty and prime ministers from the countries that have come to participate. Later, Neil tells Nike that since this is her first time on the international stage, she needs to perform a Rain Summoning at the opening ceremony.

As Nike’s thinking about the Rain Summoning, an attendant comes up to her with an urgent letter from the Principality of Rain. The letter says that her grandmother has collapsed and is bedridden. Nike goes ahead and does the Rain Summoning, but Livius can tell that it’s not up to her usual standard. When he presses Nike, she tells him about the letter and about the fact that it was her grandmother who taught her to sing and was the one who basically raised her. Livius declares that he and Nike will travel to her home country after the conference is over.

When they reach the Principality of Rain and see Nike’s grandmother, they learn that she only had a strained back. Nike’s sisters meet Livius. They think he’s cute and they drag him away to be a plaything. While they’re gone, Nike’s grandmother has Nike show Neil around. After Nike and Neil leave, we meet a man named Kitora, and he seems determined to keep Nike in the Principality of Rain and sending Livius home alone.

The air pressure is lower in the Principality of Rain, and Livius, Neil, and Livius’ retainers have headaches and deal with their bodies feeling heavy. Nike takes care of Livius, and near the end of the episode, something happens between Nike and Livius that surprises her.

With what happens near the end of the episode, there’s a major progression in regards to Livius and Nike’s relationship. Nike seems to be starting to come to the realization that she actually does feel something for Livius. I think Livius came to his own realization earlier about his feelings for Nike, and she seems to finally be catching up. While this is a good thing to happen, we already know that this Kitora guy is planning to do something to try to keep them apart. What will Kitora do, and will he somehow succeed?

I also have a suspicion that it may not just be Kitora who’s part of the plot to break up Nike and Livius. Personally, I think the grandmother may be in on it as well, especially since a letter was sent in regard to her condition that made it sound worse than it really was. The grandmother knows that Nike cares for her deeply, and that something bad happening to her would cause Nike to come rushing back to the Principality of Rain.

It appears there’s going to be 12 episodes for The World is Still Beautiful, which means that only three episodes remain. I’m very curious to see what Kitora’s plot is, as well as seeing how this series will ultimately come to an end.

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