At the beginning of Episode Nine, Juugo goes out to Southred Mall to spend time with Yun, Tsujimi, and class president Yumeji. It turns out that Hiiyo is in the area of the mall at the same time, and is being followed by Tsurezure. Hiiyo realizes he’s being followed and is able to keep up with Tsurezure as he tries to escape. This ends with Hiiyo beating up Tsurezure.

When Yun and Tsujimi go their separate ways, Yun is approached by Hiiyo. He claims to know her but she has no recollection of who he is. When she tries to get away, Hiiyo grabs her. Fortunately, Tsujimi followed Yun and is able to intervene with his sword. After a bit of a fight, Yun claims that police are nearby. This causes Hiiyo to flee.

After talking with Sister, Tsujimi approaches Juugo and asks him to make sure that Hiiyo never goes near Yun again. Juugo then goes to the Adventure Club and learns that Isshin knows Hiiyo. During this scene, both Juugo and the audience learn about Hiiyo, and it turns out that he ended up being a major asshole when he was the president of the Adventure Club.

Ikkyuu and Daruku suddenly come into the club room, and Ikkyuu reveals that she was working on a secret job offer to look for a missing student. The missing student was Yun, and she turned up on her own before Ikkyuu could do anything. Out of frustration, Ikkyuu looked into Yun further, and discovered that Yun had been doing a secret job for Hiiyo at a building that Ikkyuu believes is a “ruin” where one of the treasures is hidden. Ikkyuu figured out that the building is the Southred Mall, but has no idea where in the building the treasure is located. Juugo begs and pleads with Nanana to give him a hint. She only agrees to give it to him if he agrees to get her a particular kind of pudding and to not use the treasure if he acquires it from the ruins. Juugo agrees.

I have to say that Nanana’s making Juugo promise not to use the treasure sounds rather foreboding. Is it really something that’s that dangerous? And will Juugo have to break that promise for some reason?

At this point, it’s looking like we’re heading toward a climax at the Southred Mall, and I expect it’ll come down to most of the characters trying to take on Hiiyo. The main characters that I can’t see fitting in here right now are Yukihime and Shuu, unless they end up entering the fray if something happens to Juugo.

From what I’ve seen, there’s only supposed to be two more episodes remaining for Nanana’s Buried Treasure. With how much of a buildup there’s been up to this point, I’m afraid that if there’s really only two episodes left, the story will end up being rushed in order to fit into the remaining episodes. And what’s happened to the plot point of Juugo trying to find Nanana’s killer? This did get mentioned briefly right near the end of the episode, with Juugo thinking that Nanana doesn’t want him to use the treasure and to not find her killer because she doesn’t want to move on. Hopefully this will also be addressed in the remaining episodes of the series.

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