Chaika – The Coffin Princess: Episode 9 – “The Value of Memories”

Chaika – The Coffin Princess is set on the continent of Verbist. Five years prior to the beginning of the series, Arthur Gaz of the Gaz Empire had fallen, and his daughter Chaika escaped and is on the run. In the first episode, a saboteur named Toru meets Chaika, who can use magic and goes around with a coffin on her back. Toru, along with his younger sister, Akari, travel with Chaika as she tries to gather the remains of her father, Arthur Gaz.

Episode Nine is a character development episode for Toru, and to some extent, for Gillette.

Toru, Akari, and Chaika are in a town that’s bustling for the end of war anniversary festival, and they’re trying to get magic fuel. Unfortunately, magic fuel is very hard to find because the wizards have bought a lot of it in order to do their pyrotechnics for the festival. A shopkeeper provides them a list of some of the other shops in town.

Later, they talk and realize that have enough magic fuel to last half a day. Chaika brings up that she can use her own memories as a substitute for magic fuel. However, when Toru remembers Chaika commenting that she has gaps in her memory, he tells her not to use any of her memories for their vehicle. They continue looking for magic fuel, but the shops they go to are closed. A caravan of peddlers comes by and Toru asks if they have any, and even the peddlers are out.

While they’re out, Chaika asks Toru and Akari about their past. Through narration and some flashback sequences, the audience learns a little more about them. Later, when Toru and Chaika successfully find a shopkeeper with magic fuel, Toru shares an unhappy memory he has in regards to a woman he knew who traveled with a peddler caravan. While at the shop, they learn from the shopkeeper about Duke Garvani in a neighboring territory and that he has some of Emperor Gaz’s remains. Toru and Chaika decide to pay Garvani a visit.

Meanwhile, Gillette and his group are in town to stock up on supplies, unaware that Chaika is there. Gillette and Vivi encounter a poor man who has stolen a noblewoman’s wallet. They apprehend him, return the wallet, and the peasant has some words to say to both Gillette and Vivi. After that experience, Gillette and Vivi have an amusing scene when they buy fortune cookies and read what their fortunes are. Their time is interrupted by the arrival of a messenger owl. It bears a message saying they have urgent orders about the floating fortress of Soara revolving around Duke Garvani’s domain. They head out to deal with the situation, which will ultimately cause Gillette and his group to encounter Chaika again.

At one point in the episode, the others in Gillette’s party talk about him while he’s out with Vivi. During the discussion, it’s revealed that Leo is a demi-human solider created for war and how Gillette doesn’t force him to do any dangerous missions alone. They all have nice things to say about Gillette, but they also comment that he hasn’t been himself since meeting Chaika.

While there may not have been much going on to propel the overarching story, this was an important episode for character development for a couple of the characters. This development helps the viewer to better understand both Toru and Gillette.

From seeing the preview for Episode 10, it looks like we return to the overarching story. The preview shows Chaika and her group trying to access the floating fortress. Knowing that Gillette and his group are also headed that way, I expect that they will end up playing an important role when it comes to the story surrounding the flying fortress.

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