Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (June 9, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for World Trigger, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, Bleach, Toriko, Nisekoi: False Love, Stealth Symphony, and One-Punch Man.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

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World Trigger CH:063

Before getting to the actual story, there’s a popularity poll of the characters. The chapter itself sees Reiji having a flashback about being told about formidable foes coming in the next invasion and how he’s asked that if he encounters a humanoid in battle he should casually let the others escape. Reiji then tries to go after the opponent he’s up against, but he loses. The story then switches back to Osamu and the group he’s with, and they can’t get a door to open. When Osamu asks what they should do, he’s presented with two options: try another way or go directly to headquarters. Chika then detects that two enemies are coming. It’s the two enemies that had been fighting with Reiji. Osamu is ordered to retreat to the rendezvous point with Jin and to take the C-Rank trainees. A battle begins to ensue with new arrivals as the chapter ends…

World Trigger does seem to be an interesting story, but it’s hard for me to get into it, even after reading it for about three months. Unfortunately, I jumped into the middle of a story arc that was already in progress, and there’s a lot of jumping around to cover the various parts of the battle that are taking place. Unfortunately for me, it’s made it hard for me to learn who most of the characters are or to truly get much background to help me to better understand what’s been going on. And with all the jumping around, it makes it feel like that the story isn’t progressing very much.

Hunter x Hunter CH:342

Beyond has crashed the Zodiac meeting in the guise of turning himself in. He claims that he’s there to tell them about V5’s official policy and the meaning behind the words. Meanwhile. the new employee for that coordinates all the restricted voyage agencies is giving a presentation to a group of people about how foolish it is to send civilians to the New World. He ends up being attacked for simply regurgitating information that the participants already know, and ultimately say it’s important to invite Kakin to V5, reorganize as V6, and unofficially support Kakin’s journey. It then returns to Beyond talking to the hunters. They tell Beyond that if what he says is true, then the hunter association will accept what Beyond is asking them to do.

It’s hard for me to comment too much on what’s going on, since I’m still getting a feel for the series, the characters, and the concepts. I’m trying to piece things together as to what exactly is happening. It does seem like it could be an interesting story, and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about Hunter x Hunter as I continue to read the series.

Naruto CH:679

In this chapter, Madara’s shadows suddenly disappear. Chakra erupts from the ground, and it turns out the chakra is even stronger than Ten Tails. Sasuke tells Naruto to stop them before they move. We learn that those who fall under the Infinite Tsukuyomi transform into White Zetsu over time. Madara undergoes a transformation after absorbing a whole bunch of chakra, and he turns into Kaguya, the mother of the Sage of Six Paths. Kaguya recognizes Naruto and Sasuke as the reincarnations of Indra and Ashura. Kaguya says this land is her precious nursery and that she cannot let it get damaged any further. She then suggests that they stop fighting. Unfortunately, the chapter ends with Kaguya declaring that she will erase them all there…

Wow! These chapters just keep getting more and more intense, and so many twists are starting to get thrown into the mix! It looks like Kishimoto is going to find a way to drag this out a little longer, but as I’ve said before, Naruto is obviously getting much closer to its conclusion. I suspect that once this battle is finally over, we’ll see a few chapters that show what happen in the aftermath. However, at this point, I expect this series to last for at least a few more months.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign CH:022

This chapter opens to a flashback of Christmas Day eight years ago, when Yu is taken to the orphanage. It then changes to Mika in the current time in Sanguinem. Ferid offers him human blood to drink since he hasn’t had any yet. He refuses, and is then asked why he tries so hard to avoid drinking human blood. Later, Mika says he needs Krul’s blood now. He finds her and takes her blood, and then asks her about what was being talked about at the Progenitor Council meeting. We see that Ferid gave his report to the council on what happened in Shinjuku. He also says that humans are on the verge of successfully weaponing the “Seraph of the End.” The council starts talking about how to deal with the humans. It turns out that Mika is also in attendance. After the meeting, there’s a confrontation between Krul and Ferid. Mika also confronts Krul about the discrepancy he now knows about with her story. At the end of the chapter, Krul comes up with a plan for Mika to find Yu and save him from the humans and the vampires.

This chapter focuses exclusively on the vampire side of the story. We get to learn a little more about the “Seraph of the End,” as well as about Krul and her role in this whole situation. She claims she’s trying to help Mika and Yu, but I wonder how truthful she’s really being about this. I’m afraid that she’s using Mika somehow to achieve her own goals. With the way this chapter ends, I suspect that the next chapter will return the focus onto Yu and the others.

Bleach CH:583

In this chapter, Ichigo takes on the ladies that came to take down Kenpachi, and he’s able to beat them back. One of the ladies gets really pissed off and wants to kill him, but her companions say they won’t help her. So the lady with the murderous rage decides to take on Ichigo by herself. She attacks, but Ichigo is able to deflect her attack. She then launches an electrocution attack, and the blast is headed toward Ichigo when the chapter ends…

This chapter basically gets the battle going for Ichigo. He gets to repel all of the ladies as a group, then repels an attack from the one acting alone, and is now facing an attack that’s coming his way. Having seen and read enough of Bleach, I know that Ichigo will somehow survive this attack. The next chapter will basically answer how he survives and then show how the battle will continue to progress.

Toriko CH:280

In this chapter, Toriko and the others make it to the entrance of the Hex Food World. When they get there, they decide they’re going to say a quick hello to Daruma. When they reach Hex Food World, they meet a number of strange people and creatures. Toriko smells food and decides to check it out. The group ends up checking out various food, dinnerware, weapon, and other stalls. After getting drunk in a bar, they’re about to head out of Hex Food World when they’re approached by someone…

All this chapter basically does is to establish Hex Food World and all of the various things that can be found there. This is accomplished by Toriko and his friends exploring the place and experiencing various parts of it. Overall, not a lot happens in this chapter. Hopefully the next chapter will work at continuing the story.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:125

In this chapter, Tsugumi is posing as a bunny girl in order to infiltrate a party being held by the leader of an enemy organization and steal a top secret document that he’s harboring. Just as it looks like she’s going to succeed in getting the disk with the top secret document, Master Seccachino is called away to another event at the party, which takes place at the pool. Raku is able to find the right swimsuit that Tsugumi needs to fit in. Unfortunately, by the time she’s changed, he’s moved on to something else. She ends up spending so much time changing costumes that she doesn’t have time to get near Seccachino. She decides to dress like a guy again to get close to him. Unfortunately, Seccachino recognizes Tsugumi in this disguise. Upon realizing that Tsugumi is really a girl, he asks her to take her clothes off. She only agrees to do it if Raku is let go. However, Raku tells her not to. Just as it looks like Seccachino’s group will overpower them, Paula arrives with reinforcements. Tsugumi and Raku escape by jumping off the boat into the ocean.

The chapter sees the resolution of this particular story arc. It’s a little on the silly side, but it gives Tsugumi a chance to spend some time alone with Raku and getting to know him a little better. Now that this story arc is over, I have no idea where the story will go from here. However, I hope that it will get back to the promise portion of the story and starting to get closer to a resolution for that part of the story.

Stealth Symphony CH:015

This chapter sees Alice talking to Troma about their contract to protect Slice, and how she’s worried that he’s somehow involved with the explosion at the police station that happened when Jig went to talk to the supposed orphanage director in the previous chapter. Troma asks about the bad blood between Alice and Slice, and she shares the story of what happened. The story then moves to the next day, and Alice has to deal with Slice. They run into Jig while they’re out, and it turns out that Slice knows about him. When Slice hears that Jig was nearby when the station blew up, Slice says that Jig is really messed up. Slice suddenly points a gun at Jig and fires; however, the bullet turns around and heads back toward Slice. Slice then starts attacking Jig with his legs, and the wings of Jig’s Dragon Heirloom don’t react. It turns out Slice has a Rank A Dragon Heirloom. Jig reacts and surprises everyone by getting a good hit in on Slice…

This chapter provides a little more background on what happened between Alice and Slice. We also see that Slice has a Dragon Heirloom that apparently counteracts Jig’s heirloom. But at the end of the chapter, we learn that Jig has been transforming into a dragon and that his transformation has been progressing. Now I’m curious to see what will happen with Slice, and if any more will come out about Jig and his transformation.

One-Punch Man CH:035

This chapter sees the battle between Saitama and Lord Boros. It turns out that Lord Boros has quite a natural healing ability. As Lord Boros brags about this, Saitama tells him to shut up. Lord Boros launches a major attack on Saitama that’s called a Meteoric Burst. At the end of the chapter, it appears that Saitama has been sent flying off of the earth…

Well, then. This long and drawn-out battle still continues, with the main happening being a major attack that doesn’t kill Saitama. Instead, it appears that he somehow was sent flying up into space. I have no idea where this story is going to next, and at this point, I have a hard time caring. Perhaps if I’d read this manga from the beginning, I might have a better appreciation for it. By jumping into the middle of such a slow-paced series and not knowing much of anything about any of the characters, it’s hard for me to truly care about what’s going on.

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