Brynhildr in the Darkness: Episode 9 – “Fake Memories”

Brynhildr in the Darkness focuses on a high school boy named Murakami. 10 years prior to the start of the series, he knew a girl he called Kuroneko who insisted she knew about aliens and had met one. When she takes Murakami to see the alien, an accident happens that injures Murakami and kills Kuroneko. Now in high school, a new transfer student named Kuroha Neko joins his class, and she looks suspiciously like Kuroneko. However, Kuroha insists that she’s not Kuroneko. At the end of Episode One, Murakami learned that Kuroha is a witch who gained her abilities through surgery and drugs. Murakami has since met three other witches: Kana, Kazumi and Takatori.

A large focus of Episode Nine is on Nanami, the witch that was introduced near the end of Episode Eight. She, along with her handler, are trying to track down Witch #1107. They eventually come to a bigger city near where Murakami lives, and she uses her ability to read, erase, and change people’s memories by looking them in the eyes to try to track down Murakami after seeing a sketch of him done by the police back in Episode Eight. She encounters Kikka, the girl that Murakami has been tutoring, and sees a memory of him. Nanami uses her ability to make Kikka go find Murakami and bring him to her.

Nanami asks her handler if she can go around on her own for a day. Before asking, though, she had altered nearby people’s memories to make them think that her handler had caused offense to them somehow, and several guys come over and beat him up. Nanami then uses her power to rewrite his memories so he forgets about being her handler.

Kikka brings Murakami to Nanami, and Nanami makes Kikka leave. She uses her ability to read his memory and discovers where the four witches are. Murakami figures out that Nanami is a witch and how her power works. He asks if she could be friends with him and the witches instead of chasing after them. He asks her to believe him, and she asks to look at his memories again to see if he’s telling her the truth. Murakami tries to refuse, and she retorts that he expects her to trust him when he obviously doesn’t trust her. Murakami relents, and Nanami tries to use her ability to erase Murakami’s memories from the time he was born. After Nanami leaves, we discover that her ability didn’t work on him.

Murakami warns the witches about what’s going on, and he asks whether they want to fight Nanami or if they’ll escape and try to lay low somewhere. Later in the episode, Murakami, Kuroha, and Takatori have a chance meeting with Nanami, and a climactic scene plays out. We also see Nanami’s handler finding something that jostles his memory to remember his mission and Nanami.

Well, this didn’t quite go as I had expected at the end of Episode Eight. I truly thought that we were going to be leading up to a big confrontation between Nanami and Kuroha. Instead, Nanami turned out to be a witch who was lonely and wanted friends, and Kuroha is able to talk Nanami down and tamp down any potential conflict.

However, I have a feeling that Nanami’s handler is going to end up being a major antagonist, especially after having his memory jostled. Not only is he going to be hunting down Witch #1107, he’s also going to hunting down Nanami as well. My main question about this is: how many episodes will focus on that aspect?

Another question I have regards the password for the device that Kuroha was given. Murakami seemed to believe he had the pieces for what the password could be at the end of Episode Eight, but this topic was never touched on over the course of Episode Nine. The loose threads we have at this point in the series are: deciphering what the password for the device could be and using it to hopefully get a clue as to how to obtain more pills, actually obtaining pills for the witches, Kogoro and the other scientists analyzing and discovering what the fertilized alien egg is, and the witches being hunted by Nanami’s handler. From what I’ve seen, there’s only four episodes remaining, so hopefully all of these loose ends will be tied up before the series ends.

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